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Reminder of Power Outage on 5/11 in Campus Center

A quick reminder of the scheduled power outage for the Campus Center this morning (5/11).   Murray Hall room 117 has been reserved for individuals that need access to a computer as Physical Plant completes the work on the electrical system of the building.

Should you have issues with your computer or connection when the power is restored, please contact the ITS Help Desk to report the issue.

Connectivity Issues in the Campus Center

This morning the ITS Help Desk received several calls related to connectivity and other network issues in the Campus Center, Doane Art, and Arnold Halls.

On investigation, it was found that electrical work is being conducted in the Campus Center today.  The work is mostly behind the scenes, but at points the fluctuating power is causing brief network outages, which are effecting electronics and other devices of the network.

Additional information is not known at this time.  Your patience, flexibility, and understanding are appreciated as the electrical work is being completed.


Update: Correcting Issues from Yesterday’s Power Failure

Update: All systems are believed to up and running as of approximately 8:35am.  Should you experience unusual performance or lack of access to technology please report through usual channels of the ITS Help Desk or by creating a ticket using Web Help Desk.

Original Post: Members of the ITS team were in early this morning working to correct lingering system issues that resulted from yesterday’s power outage.

We thank you for your patience as work continues to bringing the remaining systems online and checking proper function.

Resolved: Internet Connectivity

Resolution: The network appliance that at the cause of the network disruption was identified and reconfigured appropriately.  Members of the technical and networking group brought the device online approximately at 1:00 on 2/27.  The connection and the network appliance is being monitored and is currently performing as expected.

Original Post: There was network disruption reported today at approximately 11:45 on Friday (2/27). Members of the technical and networking group are investigating the disruption to identify the cause.  As updates are available, they will be posted to this site.


Resolved: Windstream Working on Voicemail Issue


Resolved: Voicemail service was restored on 11/4/14.  If you are experience issues with your voicemail, please submit a ticket using Web Help Desk.

Original Post: Windstream contacted the ITS Help Desk to acknowledge an issue being experienced regionally with Voicemail.

They are currently working on the issue and hope to have it addressed soon.

Windstream thanks us for our patience as they work to correct the issue causing this outage.