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WebAdvisor Issues Resolved

ITS believes the issues with WebAdvisor to be successfully resolved.  The system is performing normally and as expected.  We will continue to monitor throughout registration.

WebAdvisor Performance Issues

ITS is aware and is engaged in working on the performance problems with WebAdvisor this morning.  Registrants trying to register for classes have been updated by the Registrar about this issue.

Updates will be posted here as they are available.

Network Maintenance Could Cause Brief Disruption

On September 16 from 6:00 – 7:00pm there will be maintenance conducted on the College’s internet connection.  The maintenance will correct an issued identified earlier in the week that was resulting in slower speeds than appropriate given the 1GB connection the College has to the internet.

There is potential for a brief disruption as the primary connection is switched to the redundant connection allowing the network administrator and the ISP’s network engineer to make the necessary changes.

Informer login issue resolved

Informer is now functioning properly.  Individuals with affected scheduled jobs have been notified.  Thank you!

Informer Login issue

The Informer report server is not accepting logins.  Schedules run Sunday night through Tuesday morning did not process.  We expect the server to be functioning normally momentarily.