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Resolved: Internet Connectivity

Resolution: The network appliance that at the cause of the network disruption was identified and reconfigured appropriately.  Members of the technical and networking group brought the device online approximately at 1:00 on 2/27.  The connection and the network appliance is being monitored and is currently performing as expected.

Original Post: There was network disruption reported today at approximately 11:45 on Friday (2/27). Members of the technical and networking group are investigating the disruption to identify the cause.  As updates are available, they will be posted to this site.


Resolved: Windstream Working on Voicemail Issue


Resolved: Voicemail service was restored on 11/4/14.  If you are experience issues with your voicemail, please submit a ticket using Web Help Desk.

Original Post: Windstream contacted the ITS Help Desk to acknowledge an issue being experienced regionally with Voicemail.

They are currently working on the issue and hope to have it addressed soon.

Windstream thanks us for our patience as they work to correct the issue causing this outage.

Planned Update to WebHelpDesk

Web Help Desk - Allegheny CollegeITS will complete an update to the Web Help Desk system on Tuesday, October 28, 2014.

It will be unavailable to the community for a short period of time first thing in the morning.    Full functionality will be restored by 9:00am at that point the community will be able to log on and submit new request or check the status of prior requests.

The update is mostly limited to behind the scene changes that provide more efficient processing.  There have been some cosmetic changes to the logos and buttons of the system.

As always, should you have questions or notice anomalies once the update is complete please make sure to contact the ITS Help Desk.

Network Disruption Corrected for Several Loomis Street Houses

wireless-connection-iconA network disruption that affected Internet access at several locations on Loomis St. was reported to Information Technology Services (ITS) Friday morning(10/17/14). A network technician was able to resolve the issue Friday morning around 9:20 am.

Log reports show the issue first occurred Thursday evening and was caused by a tripped power circuit. Power has been restored and all network services are back online.

Should you residence of Loomis Street houses experience an inability to access the internet at this point, they should contact the ITS Help Desk in Murray Hall.

Wireless Issue in North Village

wireless-connection-iconITS discovered a wireless network issue that affected Internet access in North Village II from 3:15pm – 4:01pm.

The issue affected the wireless access points preventing internet access during that time. The wireless network switches were off-line briefly which then caused the wireless access points to go off-line.

As of 4:01pm all Wireless access was restored to all locations in North Village II.