Help Protect Allegheny from Phishing Attacks

Members of the Allegheny community continue to experience the effects of the phishing attack identified on the ITS web site.  The current attack persists because members of the community are clicking on a link emailed to them by what appears to be someone they know. The link takes them to a bogus site where they provide their Allegheny username and password.  Once entered the attackers begin to use the account to phish for other users to exploit by sending similar messages to the individual’s contacts.  The end purpose of this current attack is unclear.

ITS continues to respond to the attack at a systems level and asks that members of the community lend a hand in protecting our systems and resources by:

Should you have questions about the role you play in protecting your accounts and the Allegheny community, please contact the ITS Help Desk.  We would like the opportunity to work with you on developing a culture of information security on campus.


Another Phishing Attack Experienced On Campus.

It has been a while since we have experienced a sizable phishing attack, but today the ITS Help Desk has been working with a number of community members whose accounts were compromised when they clicked on the link contained in the email seen below:

Drop Box Malware

If you think you fell victim to this message, you are encouraged to change your password using the Allegheny College online password form available from  By changing your password, you lock out the hackers that are using your account to spread this message.  It would also be worth taking a few minutes to adopt Two-Step Verification to provide an extra layer of protection against future phishing attacks.

Finally,  Google has created a check list of steps that you can take to verify that your account is secure. If you have fallen victim, please complete all of these steps.

It is also a wise choice to refresh your memory of ways you can identify phishing attempts and other ways you can adopt safer habits to help protect your account and the College technology environment.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ITS Help Desk.





Orphaned Phone Numbers

ITS continues efforts identifying and eliminating orphaned phone numbers.  The work has produced the following list of numbers –

(814) 332-2168
(814) 332-2212
(814) 332-2252
(814) 332-2300
(814) 332-2343
(814) 332-2393
(814) 332-2399
(814) 332-2490
(814) 332-2623
(814) 332-2709
(814) 332-2717
(814) 332-2736
(814) 332-2737
(814) 332-2744
(814) 332-2745
(814) 332-3422
(814) 332-3502
(814) 332-3705
(814) 332-5391
(814) 332-5394
(814) 332-5396
(814) 332-6014
(814) 332-6015
(814) 332-6025
(814) 332-6026
(814) 332-6036
(814) 332-6038
(814) 332-6063
(814) 332-6084
(814) 332-6201
(814) 332-6220
(814) 332-6249
(814) 332-6255
(814) 332-6263
(814) 332-6279
(814) 332-6280
(814) 332-6281
(814) 332-6286
(814) 332-6754
(814) 332-7529

If you use any of these numbers please contact the ITS Help Desk by emailing with the following information so the Allegheny Phone number inventory can be updated.

  • Number
  • Room and Building Number
  • Individual/Department using the number

Questions about this process should be directed to James Fadden, Director of Information Technology Services.


WebAdvisor Issue Resolved

The issue users had attempting to sign on to WebAdvisor the morning of 2/2 was resolved at approximately 1:00pm on 2/2.  Those experiencing problems with WebAdvisor at this point should contact the ITS Help Desk to report the problem.

WebAdvisor Issue

The system administrator is investigating an issue members of the community reported trying to sign on to WebAdvisor.  As information is known, this site will be updated.