Colleague performance slow

Ellucian Colleague is performing slowly and requires a restart of the server that handles login and access to the system.  WebAdvisor and Informer are unaffected by this problem.  We expect to have the problem resolved momentarily.


Update: 10:43AM – Colleague function has been fully restored.

Google Drive Restored

As of last night, Google has reported that issues with Drive should be resolved and that the desktop client should automatically update to a fixed version shortly.

From Google’s G Suite Status dashboard:

“The problem with Google Drive should be resolved. The Windows client will automatically update with this fixed version within the next 10 hours. Alternatively, affected users can download the updated version of the client from Affected Windows 10 users may be required to sign in to their Google account within the client.”

Amazon S3 outage

Amazon S3 (a major component of many websites or web services around the world, including the Allegheny website and Sakai) is experiencing widespread outages this afternoon.

Certain websites or web based services may be affected until this issue is resolved.

Colleague Available Again

The initial phase of count was successful.  ITS opened Colleague back up for general use last night.  Please use the system as you normally would!

Tips for Safer Web Browsing

This is an oldie (can something from Jan, 2013 be considered an oldie?) but a goodie on safer web browsing habits.