Resolved: Informer Report Issues

Resolution: The issue between College and Informer was resolved at approximately 8:30am.  Should you encounter issues retrieving Colleague Data through Informer at this point, please report the issue to ITS.

Original Post: Colleague-related reports running in Informer (either via the Web Dashboard or emailed scheduled jobs) are generating an error rather than the intended results.

ITS expects to have the problem resolved shortly.

Reminder: Please power off your PC at night

ITS encourages users to power off their PCs at night in an effort to decrease campus power consumption. Windows desktops are configured to turn themselves back on in the early morning to receive patches for operating system, anti-virus, and other various applications*. Your PC will be running and ready for you when you arrive in the morning.

As part of our campaign to spread this knowledge, we will be issuing reminder stickers to place on computer monitors throughout campus.

*Note that laptops and all Apple computers are not configured to power on and receive updates in this way. However, you should still be powering off these devices whenever possible. In addition to saving power, powering off computers regularly will help keep them running efficiently.

Informer License Renewal

27DaysSeveral members of the community have informed ITS that the Informer is displaying a message that the license expires in xx number of days. ITS is aware of the expiration date and is waiting to receive the new license.

The message is an automatic message that ITS is not able to hide even though we have requested a new license according to practice 30 days prior.

We thank those who have noticed the message and reported it to the ITS Help Desk.  When one connects with ITS regarding an alert, whether license renewal, operating system error, or malware alert, you help to maintain the reliability of the campus technology environment.

Software Updates

Windows 7 computers across campus should receive software updates for the following products beginning tonight.

  • Adobe Air
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Oracle Java 7
  • Oracle Java 8

If you experience any problems with the software updates, please contact Computing Services by creating a Web Help Desk ticket.

Reminder of Power Outage on 5/11 in Campus Center

A quick reminder of the scheduled power outage for the Campus Center this morning (5/11).   Murray Hall room 117 has been reserved for individuals that need access to a computer as Physical Plant completes the work on the electrical system of the building.

Should you have issues with your computer or connection when the power is restored, please contact the ITS Help Desk to report the issue.