Colleague Available Again

The initial phase of count was successful.  ITS opened Colleague back up for general use last night.  Please use the system as you normally would!

Tips for Safer Web Browsing

This is an oldie (can something from Jan, 2013 be considered an oldie?) but a goodie on safer web browsing habits.

Count Day – January 31st

Tuesday, January 31st, is the college’s official Count Day when we verify that all of our records are in sync for this semester.

As we have done in the past, the Colleague system (including Colleague Advancement for Development) will not be available from 10am until the count process is complete, at the request of several administrative offices doing the work of ensuring the integrity of our system.  This freeze ensures that data remains unchanged during the count process.

Please remind everyone to mark on their calendars that they have to log off of Colleague by 10am Tuesday (or they will be logged off the system at 10am).  Logging off proactively helps ITS ensure that the system is unavailable more quickly for those involved to begin their work.

Related systems such as WebAdvisor or Informer will be unaffected by this shutdown and will remain available throughout.  ITS expects that we will be able to make Colleague available by Wednesday February 1st, at 8am.  If this is not the case, watch ITS News and Notes for additional updates.

Gmail Phishing Attack

ITS has learned of a sophisticated and reportedly successful phishing scam that is targeted at users of Gmail and other online mail services.

According to Time Magazine “how the swindle works. The attacker, usually disguised as a trusted contact, sends a boobytrapped email to a prospective victim. Affixed to that email, there appears to be a regular attachment, say a PDF document. Nothing seemingly out of the ordinary.

But the attachment is actually an embedded image that has been crafted to look like a PDF. Rather than reveal a preview of the document when clicked, that embedded image links out to a fake Google login page. ” (read more)

Once a user signs in the attacker has access to your account unless you are enrolled in Google’s 2-Step Verification/.   2-Step provides an extra layer of protection on your account when your password has been compromised.

If you think you have fallen victim to this phishing attack, be sure to change your Allegheny password and then enroll in 2-Step verification.  Changing your password will end the bad guy’s access to your account and 2-Step will keep them out the next time.

If you have questions, please contact the InfoDesk at 3768.

Reminder to Complete the Securing the Human Training

Individuals play an increasingly important role in protecting the information and technology environment of an organization. Allegheny College has adopted the Securing the Human (STH) Video Training Series to better support College employees as they navigate the connected world.

Administrators, faculty, and staff are required to complete the STH training before January 31,2017. The 11 videos of the STH video training series are only a few minutes each and can be completed in any order you choose. Following the video, you will be provided with a two-question quiz to check for understanding.

Sign on to the Securing the Human site using your Allegheny username and password.

Should you need assistance signing on or completing the training, please contact the InfoDesk in Pelletier at (814) ­332-3768.