Information for WordPress users

The following link describes important information to be aware of for users of WordPress that manage their departmental web page or content.

Wireless Connectivity Issues Resolved

ITS has resolved the issues affecting wireless connectivity on campus. If you are still unable to connect, please reboot your device and try again. Contact the help desk if your issue persists.

Reminder: Power Reduction

As announced on myAllegheny, please be aware that Allegheny is participating in an Electric Load Drop Test today from 2-3pm.

switchIt is expected that all faculty, staff and students will turn off as many electrical devices as possible by 1:45 in order to meet our commitment and earn significant financial incentives.

This includes lights, computers, fans, air conditioners, fume hoods and ancillary electronics.

You can read a more detailed but succinct explanation of demand response programs and the benefits as well as how you can contribute at Demand Response Guidelines.

Google Promotes “Undo Send” Lab option to standard feature

The “Undo Send” Gmail Lab option allows users to set a delay between when the “Send” button is clicked and when the actual email is sent out, allowing a chance to stop the email should an error be realized.

This option is now a standard Gmail feature and it can be found under the Settings -> General tab. To activate it, check the “Enable Undo Send” box and choose from a cancellation time frame of 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.

Power Reduction Test Announced

switchAllegheny’s annual Load Drop Test, a component of our demand response program participation, is this Thursday 25 June from 2 to 3pm. It is essential that all faculty, staff and students on campus help us reduce our electricity consumption during this hour in order to demonstrate our readiness during an actual emergency event and help earn significant financial incentives.

Before 2:00, please shut down as many electrical devices as possible and leave them off until after 3:00.

You might power down excess

  • lighting,
  • computers,
  • printers,
  • copiers,
  • fans,
  • air conditioners

For an explanation of demand response programs and their benefits as well as details of how you can help, see the Demand Response Guidelines.