Software Updates

Windows 7 computers across campus should receive software updates for the following products beginning tonight.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Oracle Java

If you experience any problems with the software updates, please contact Computing Services by creating a Web Help Desk ticket.

Minimum Password Length will Increase in June

Starting in June 2016, the minimum length for a new password will increase from 8 to 12 characters.  What this means is the next time you change your password you will need to pick a password that conforms to the following rules.

  1. Between 12 and 20 characters long.
  2. Includes at least one uppercase letter.
  3. Includes at least one lowercase letter.
  4. Includes at least one number
  5. Includes at least one non-alphanumeric character

Please know that passwords shorter than 12 characters will continue to work until the next required password change. 

The increase is the outcome of a review of current recommendations on what makes a strong password.  In short, strong passwords have complexity and length so it was determined that a slight increase in length was warranted given the number of systems one can access with an Allegheny username and password.

To help you prepare for your next password change, consider these 8 Do’s and Don’ts of Good Passwords, provided by Educause in the Oct 2015 Educause Review.

Implementing the change over the course of the regular password change process will allow all users to have stronger passwords before the end of the calendar year with less disruption than requiring everyone to change at the same time.

If you have questions about this change or other ways you can add layers of protection to your account, such as enrolling in 2-Step Verification, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Quicktime for Windows

Allegheny College’s Information Technology Services will be removing QuickTime for Windows from college computers running the Windows operating system at the end of the Spring 2016 semester.

The decision to discontinue use of QuickTime for Windows at Allegheny is in response to a recent notice from the Homeland Security’s Computer Readiness Team that identified the potential software vulnerable to viruses and other security threats.  

In light of this potential security vulnerability, Faculty, staff, and students who rely on QuickTime for their work are encouraged to use VLC viewer, which is installed on campus owned computers or find an alternative application as soon as possible.

Please contact ITS if you have any questions.

Informer License

Users of Informer have noticed this morning that there is a warning that the license will expire in 28 days.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 10.24.01 AM

The license has been renewed and we are waiting for the new license key that we expect within the week.  We thank our colleagues that let us know they saw this warning as feedback of experience helps to make sure items do not fall through the cracks.

Informer is a web based reporting tool that connects to the college’s administrative database system (Ellucian Colleague) to deliver accurate and consistent information from the shared repository used by all departments on campus.

Learn more about Informer on the ITS website.


Salesforce Outage Resolved

Salesforce has been restored to normal function.  There are reports of likely data loss on any activities performed Tuesday morning before the system outage.  Please verify or take this into consideration when moving forward with regular processing today.