File Backup

As amended August 2010

Users are responsible for backing up the files on their own desktop, laptop, and other such end user devices. For individuals using a Windows operating system, this means that none of the files housed in the My Documents folder are backed up by the College. Employees are encouraged to backup their files to the College’s FTP server at least once each week using the software tools provided by the College. Students may use the Sakai server or Google sites to back up their course related work.

Email, calendar, Google docs, and other files associated with the College’s Google Apps suite are being backed up by Google, which maintains live copies of the data in multiple locations. Files for other contracted services, such as Sakai, are also duplicated and backed up regularly. The College does not backup any of the files housed at Google or at any of our other contracted service providers. Information Technology Services (ITS) maintains two live copies of files housed in locally-hosted systems managed by ITS, such as the Datatel and FTP backup services. These files are also backed up regularly to tape or other media, and full backups are housed off site.