Web Sites

As amended August 2010

Any College faculty, staff member, department, student, or student group may create and host web pages on the College computing resources designated for such use. In the case of department and group pages created by the department or group, a full-time College employee must be designated as responsible and affirm their responsibility for the site each time they update their network account password.

Information on web sites hosted by Allegheny must conform to existing College policies, as well as applicable federal, state and local laws. Content is limited to non-profit educational and personal uses: Commercial use of Allegheny’s web resources is not supported. Web pages may not contain information about another party without the consent of that party with the exception of links to content already being provided by the other party, provided such links are presented respectfully. As noted elsewhere in these policies, material on Allegheny hosted web sites is subject to copyright laws.

All College-associated web sites are subject to Allegheny’s design standards and common elements. Permission to use material from Allegheny College’s official web pages on other sites, even those hosted on Allegheny web resources, must be obtained in advance in writing from the Public Affairs office.