Connecting to the Network in College Owned Houses

Allegheny owned houses are networked with wireless access. In some house you connect using the AC-Wireless network while in others you must complete an online registration form before being granted accesses.

Connect to AC-Wireless

If your house is on East College, East Prospect or  Sherman streets, you connect to the internet through the AC-wireless network.  If you are not already configured for that network, connect to AC-Welcome and follow the provided directions.

Connect by Submitting Form

If your house is on Loomis, West Prospect, West College,  Meadow, Park Ave, or North Main your connection to the internet is activated by submitting a Web Help Desk ticket.

  • Requests to get your game system online can be submitted through Web Help Desk.
    • Log on to Web Help Desk  using your Allegheny username and password.
    • Complete a ticket using the Request Type -> Student Issue -> Game System Registration -> Wired Connection.
  • Registration may take a few days to complete depending on number of requests. Requests will be processed in the order received.

Info for Desktop Users

It is possible to add wireless connectivity to your desktop by adding a wireless network card or using a wireless USB adapter.  These devices are available at most electronic and office supply stores.

IMPORTANT: Information on connecting your Game System or other device.

Click on the house address for your specific information:

Steps to Connect to the Internet from a College-owned house

  1. Configure Your Computer System (if it isn’t already)
  2. Obtain your Adapter Address
  3. Submit an online registration form using Web Help Desk.
    (You will need to know your adapter address, and the version of your Operating System when filling out this form)

Most requests are addressed within one business day but due to the large number of requests at the beginning of the semester allow for a maximum of 48 hours for initial network access. Registrations taking place after 3:00 on Monday – Thursday may not be addressed until the following working day. Registrations taking place after 3:00 on Friday may not be addressed until the following Monday.