Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk was chosen because of its flexibility, reliability, and scaleability. Web Help Desk provides call tracking, problem reporting, and FAQ’s through a secure web interface available at http://webhelp.allegheny.edu

Log On –

Members of the Allegheny community can now long on to http://webhelp.allegheny.edu using their Allegheny Username and Password.

Note: There are no known problems logging if you have difficulties logging on please contact User Service by phone at extension 2755. Technical problems can be reported by email (computing@allegheny.edu) or phone (ext 2755) until User Services corrects your Web Help Desk log in problems.

History Screen –

Once logged in you will be on the History Screen. This screen allows you to check the status of current and past request for technology help.

Note: You can search for a specific Ticket, Filter tickets based on status, or search based on key words.

Request Screen –

When you need to make a new request for technology help you will need to click on the Request button.




By completing this from Information Technology Services (ITS) will have the necessary information to get started on your request.

The time it takes to resolve a request varies depending on the kinds and number of requests currently in the que when a new request is made. Under normal circumstances, new requests will be acknowledge within four business hours. Time to completion will vary based on priority and complexity of the request, our target time to completion for standard requests is three to five business days. Should more urgent requests or unusually large volumes of requests make this time frame unrealistic, we will work with you to develop a response time meet your needs.

Confirmation Screen –

Completion of the Help Form results in a confirmation email sent to your allegheny.edu email address. The Confirmation Screen also provides you the ticket tracking number for this request.


The tracking number allows you to find your request quickly from the History Screen (see above)