Web Sites

Members of the College community wanting a web site outside of the official college website framework should consider Google Sites and Blogger available to the College community as part of Google Apps.

Google Sites

Google Sites is included as part of the Google Apps for Education Suite. Google Sites allows you to create and manage web sites through an online WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface. Using Google Sites you can create web sites to share videos, pictures, presentations and other media without learning HTML.

Creating a web site with Google Sites makes it easy to include advanced web features like search, tracking updates, commenting, and the ability to control who can view or edit the pages without learning additional code. Being an online editor, you can update your web site from any computer with an internet connections. Find out how to get started with Google Sites using Google’s online resources.


Blogger is available to the Allegheny community through one’s Allegheny Account or by creating a personal account. Depending on the content and voice of the blog one desires to start, both options have merit. Users wishing to easily publish content on a regular basis organized in a chronological order will find what they are looking for in Blogger. You can find out more about Blogger from Google’s Blogger Support Site.

Publishing content on the official College website

Component sites of the college website (www.allegheny.edu and pages beginning with sites.allegheny.edu) are maintained through the WordPress content management tool.

If you have content that belongs on a department or official college website, please contact either Web Communications using their online request tool, or the department responsible for the content. (In the case of academic departments, this is typically the building coordinator for that department.)  Departments are encouraged to consider how to incorporate a range of content into their official site in order to better organize information and give all readers the most accurate picture possible of our college community.