FS Speech Contest

Public Speaking

2016 FS 102 Speech Competition

The Director of Speaking and peer speech consultants invite students currently enrolled in FS 102 to submit a speech for the 2016 FS Speech Contest.

Cash awards will be given to the top three speakers: First Place $50, Second Place $35, and Third Place $20.


  1. This contest is open to all students currently enrolled in FS 102.
  1. Speeches should be no longer than seven minutes.
  1. Speech can be on any subject. Students may perform a speech delivered for an FS 101 or FS 102 assignment or prepare something new for the competition.
  1. Speeches must be delivered extemporaneously. Speakers may use notes but may not speak from a manuscript.
  1. Students enter the contest by emailing a recording of their speech to the Director of Speaking Jon Wiebel (jwiebel@allegheny.edu) by Tuesday March 29th. Entries must be received by 5:00 PM.
  1. A selection committee will determine the top seven speakers from the entries received.
  1. The top seven speakers will be notified by Thursday March 31st.
  1. The top seven speakers will compete live on Gator Day Tuesday April 5th.
  1. Performances may include visual aids.
  1. Speeches will be judged on originality of thought, extemporaneous delivery skills, use of supporting evidence, organization, and engagement with audience.