Update on Toshiba Copier Replacements and Upgrades

Over the last 3 weeks (June 27 – July 12), a team from ITS and Hagan Business Machine worked to install 30 new Toshiba copiers in buildings on campus. During the installations, the majority of campus computers were configured remotely to print to the new copiers. Mac computers were configured manually on the day the Copier was installed.

The installation team did not have access to some of the Macs during the installation as the computer was either behind a locked door or not in the office.


Should you have a Macbook or iMac that is not able to print to the Toshiba(s) in your building, please contact ITS by emailing webhelp@allegheny.edu with a simple message requesting assistance configuring the new copier.

An email to webhelp@allegheny.edu will create a ticket and assign it to a User Support Specialist who can assist you.  

Next Steps of the Project – With the installation of the copiers complete the team’s server administrator has started the work of

  • removing the old print queues and drivers from computers on campus
  • updating the printer drivers and upgrades of the Toshiba that remain on campus from the last contract in places like, Murray Hall, the Health Center, Vukovich, and other where it was appropriate to continue with the same copier.
  • finishing the configuration of Google Cloud Print which will allow the growing number of Chromebooks used on campus to print.

This work is scheduled to be completed over the weekend (July 15-16) and on Monday (July 17) in an attempt to minimize disruption to the community.

Should you have questions regarding the use of the Toshiba Copier or the changes to the printing environment of the College, please contact the Information Technology Services by email at its@allegheny.edu.