For Faculty: a Teaching with Technology Lunch

For Faculty: a Teaching with Technology Lunch has been scheduled for Thursday, October 19th, in the Pelletier Collaboratory, at noon, with Craig Dodge speaking on AI in teaching. Please RSVP here. Lunch will be served at noon and the program will begin at 12:20 pm.

Automation is poised to replace significant portions of the workforce in the not too distant future. We have already seen automated cashiers, and Tesla is boasting that self-driving cars will replace many shipping jobs. Are our positions as educators at risk due to this revolution in labor?  The development of AI suggests that we may eventually need to concede superiority to our robot overlords.

Whether or not this pessimistic outlook on our employment prospects comes to fruition, please plan to attend this luncheon where guest presenter Craig Dodge will lead the conversation about the shortcomings of our own teaching capabilities.  Acknowledging limitations within the classroom can inspire a meaningful dialogue with our students about the rationale for specific decisions made in the design of our courses. Additionally, current technological developments offer new resources capable of shoring up weaknesses in our teaching strategies.