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The Hooded Warblers Mumme studied were marked with colored bands around their feet to make them more easily identified.

Dr. Ronald L. Mumme Observes Foraging Behavior in Hooded Warbler

By CARSON REY, Contributing Writer September 18, 2014 The Campus Ronald Mumme, professor of biology at Allegheny College for 25 years, recently studied the hooded warbler bird species. He began his study on the hooded warbler in 2010 because of its similarities to his previous research on a different species called the slate-throated redstart. “I’m [...] Read More

Professor Rebecca Dawson of the biology department published the first undergraduate textbook on epidemiology this summer. Photo by Amasa Smith.

Professor Rebecca Dawson publishes epidemiological textbook

By ANGELA MAURONI, Science Editor September 18, 2014 The Campus Rebecca Dawson, assistant professor of biology, collaborated with Laura Wheeler Poms, a professor of psychology at George Mason University, to create and publish an undergraduate epidemiology textbook. Newly printed on Aug. 17, Dawson’s textbook, “Understanding Epidemiology: Concepts, Skills & Applications,” is currently only available at [...] Read More

Student/Faculty Work Presented at 2nd World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science Beth Choate and Professor of Environmental Science Eric Pallant attended the 2nd World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities meeting in Manchester, England from September 3-5. The conference was attended by 200 delegates from 27 countries throughout the world. At the conference, Choate and Pallant presented their paper “Overcoming obstacles [...] Read More

Student and Faculty Researchers Present Work at Meeting of the Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior

Lauren Krowitz ’14 and Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Rod Clark presented their study “Some Behavioral Effects of Mefloquine: Evaluation of GABAA and GABAB Antagonists in Rats” at the 37th annual meeting of the Society for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior (SQAB) in Chicago in May.

Students and Faculty Present Work at Meeting of the Association for Behavior Analysis International

Erin N. Roby ’14 and Alexis E. Crump ’16, with Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Rod Clark, presented their work “Some Behavioral Effects of Mefloquine on Schedule-Controlled Responding in the Rat” at the 40th annual meeting of the Association for Behavior Analysis International (ABAI) in Chicago in May.

Students Spend Six Weeks Doing Research in Mysore and Surrounding Tribal Areas

Professor of Psychology Juvia Heuchert took six students to Mysore, India, over the summer to help establish an internship with the Vivekananda Institute for Indian Studies. Abishai Persaud ’15, Erica Bryson ’15, Mara Steinmetz ’15, Matthew Turner ’15, Kalyssa King ’15, and Garrett Devenney ’16 spent six weeks in Mysore and the surrounding tribal areas [...] Read More

Whitenack’s Research Included in “The Machine Inside: Biomechanics” Exhibit

Assistant Professor of Biology Lisa Whitenack was elected to the board of directors for the American Elasmobranch Society, a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance the scientific study of living and fossil sharks, rays, and their relatives and promote education, conservation, and the wise utilization of natural resources. In addition, Whitenack’s research on performance and [...] Read More

Princeton University Press To Re-issue Bruce Smith’s “Politics and Remembrance”

Professor of Political Science Bruce Smith’s book Politics and Remembrance will be republished by Princeton University Press and included in the initial launch of their new series, Princeton Legacy Library.

Petasis Co-authors Chapter in “Iron-Sulfur Clusters in Chemistry and Biology”

Professor of Physics Doros Petasis co-authored the chapter “Quantitative interpretation of EPR spectroscopy with applications for iron-sulfur proteins” in the book Iron-Sulfur Clusters in Chemistry and Biology. The book presents a comprehensive overview of research on iron-sulfur proteins with a target audience of graduate students and researchers in the field of bioinorganic chemistry.

Senior Comprehensive Project Results in Paper in “Journal of College Student Development”

Kelsy Reisinger ’12, who is currently assistant director of admissions, Professor of Psychology Patricia Rutledge, and Associate Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience and Global Health Studies Sarah Conklin recently had their paper, “Study drugs and academic integrity: The role of beliefs about an academic honor code in the prediction of nonmedical prescription drug use for academic [...] Read More