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Two Allegheny Alumni Hold Prestigious Stegner Fellowships

Having one graduate serving as a Stegner Fellow at Stanford University is worth mentioning. But having two from Allegheny College holding those creative writing fellowships at the same time is cause for celebration.

Allegheny alumni Graham Barnhart ’07 and William Brewer ’11 both currently hold Stegner Fellowships, named for the late Wallace Stegner, founder of Stanford’s Creative Writing Program.

“Perhaps the most prestigious fellowship available to writers is the Stegner Fellowship at Stanford. These are very, very competitive, and the list of writers who have received them over the years reads like a who’s who of contemporary American literature,” says Christopher Bakken, Frederick F. Seeley Professor of English and English Department chair at Allegheny.

Brewer was awarded his fellowship in 2016 and is overlapping (the fellowships run for two years) with Barnhart, a 2017 recipient. “It’s simply astonishing that two Allegheny alums have won these and that they are there at the same moment,” says Bakken. (more…)

Kim Tillotson Fleming to Visit Allegheny College as Executive in Residence

Kim Tillotson Fleming, chair and chief executive officer of Hefren-Tillotson, Inc., a privately held Pittsburgh-based investment firm, will visit Allegheny College as its executive in residence on October 30-31.

The Executive in Residence Program, sponsored by the college’s Center for Business and Economics, is designed to connect students and faculty with prominent business executives who spend several days on campus speaking about their life experiences in business, paths to success, and lessons learned.

“As a trustee at Allegheny College, my favorite times have been when we are interacting with the bright young student minds,” Fleming said. “I am honored to be the executive in residence this year and hope to share some words of wisdom that will be meaningful to the students as they prepare to make a difference in the world. (more…)

Allegheny College Welcomes Five New Trustees

Bentley Hall

The Allegheny College Board of Trustees has added five members, including: Dr. Yvonne Hobbs Allen, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jon Davis, Dusty Kirk, John Kutz and Julie Skattum, all alumni with long histories of engagement with the College.

Allegheny Boasts Three Sets of Gridiron Brothers

On the practice field and the playing field, Allegheny football in the 2017 season has a family flair.

Three sets of brothers are wearing the Gators’ blue and gold: The Lees, the Antinozzis and the Ballas

Logan Lee is the Gators’ junior quarterback and is a three-year starter. He currently ranks in the top three in the North Coast Athletic Conference in passing yards, completions and touchdowns. He also has been busy helping to mentor his brother, Grayson, who is a first-year linebacker. The Lees come from Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

“Playing alongside my brother has been an amazing experience,” says Grayson. “This is the first time in both our careers that we have been on the same team so it is fun being able to joke around with each other on and off the field. I am very excited for the remaining years we have together and am thankful that I have a brother like him to look up to and learn from.”

“Honestly, playing alongside my brother is a new feeling for me,” adds Logan. “We went to different high schools so outside of the backyard, we’ve never gotten to play on the same team. I’m looking forward to the remaining years we have playing together, and I’m very grateful that we get to share this part of our football journey together.”

Proud mom Sonja Lee says: “The fact that Logan and Grayson are playing on the same college team is even more rare for us, I think, for a couple of reasons. The first being they went to different high schools so they have never been able to play on the same football team. The second being we are nine hours from Allegheny so for both of them to choose Allegheny (being in completely different majors) is not all that likely, either. Now they make the nine-hour drive home together. So needless to say it is very significant to me. I am very grateful to Allegheny and Coach Hammer for working with us and making it happen. My favorite image so far this year has been seeing Grayson high-five Logan when Logan came off the field after scoring a touchdown. I couldn’t have been more proud of them.

“I remember right after Grayson committed he texted Logan asking him when he thought the locker rooms were going to be finished. Logan’s response was ‘OUR locker rooms will be finished by the end of spring break.’ Grayson and I both knew then that he made the right decision.”

The Antinozzi brothers are from Brookhaven, Georgia. Vito is a junior linebacker who has been injured during this season. He did not play his sophomore year, but saw plenty of action as a first-year gridder in 2015. Dominic Antinozzi is a first-year offensive lineman, lining up at left tackle.

“I really enjoy playing with Dominic,” says Vito. “He really is an awesome player to watch. This is the first time we have played together since 2008.”

“The last time I played football with my brother, the Under-13 Panthers lost every game, and I had a great time,” says Dominic. “Being able to play with Vito at the collegiate level at a program like Allegheny is an awesome experience and I can’t wait to do it for the next two years.”

The Balla brothers come from New Kensington, Pennsylvania. Tyler Balla is a junior running back who has been a two-year starter. He currently ranks in the top three in the conference in rushes, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. Chase Balla is a first-year defensive back and has seen significant playing time in all the games this season at both cornerback and as a kick returner.

“Playing with my brother is obviously a lot fun,” says Tyler. “To be able to watch him progress on and off the field is something pretty special.”

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Photo by Ed Mailliard. From left, the Antinozzis, the Lees and the Ballas.

Former Marine Corps Pilot Joins Allegheny’s Governing Board

Lt. Gen. Jon M. Davis, above left, experienced plenty of exhilarating moments during his career in the U.S. Marine Corps, launching in his Harrier jump-jet from amphibious carriers and from austere forest roads in Germany. Commanding the Marine Corps Aviation Weapons School, he flew with and taught pilots the advanced tactics they needed to win the Cold War and support the Marines on the ground.

“You have to be disciplined and precise in all you do in Marine aviation — especially in a single-seat jet strike fighter,” says Davis, who graduated from Allegheny in 1980 with an economics degree.

During his years as a military aviator, Davis never had to eject from his aircraft — and finished his career mishap free. “Not in over 4,500 hours of military flying,” he says.

In July 2017, Davis, whose call sign was “Dog,” retired after 37 years in the Marines, most recently as the Pentagon-based deputy commandant for aviation, a post he had held since 2014. The job entailed making sure the Marines’ 1,300 aircraft were equipped and prepared to support 47,000 combat-ready Leathernecks.

How Nice to See You Again, Mr. Nash

Cal Armistead interviews Graham Nash in 1980 for The Campus.

Not many people get to relive signature moments in their lives. But Cal Claypool Armistead ’80 was lucky enough to do just that. As a senior at Allegheny, she interviewed future Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Graham Nash when he came to perform in concert on the Meadville campus. She got to do it all over again 37 years later when the rock legend appeared at a summer music festival in Massachusetts.

Much has transpired in Armistead’s life: After getting her start in journalism writing for The Campus newspaper, she has written for publications such as The Chicago Tribune and Shape Magazine, and is the author of the novel Being Henry David, a book used in schools to introduce pupils to Henry David Thoreau within a contemporary story. She’s married to Tedford Armistead ’79, who works in information technology for the commonwealth of Massachusetts. They live in Acton and have two grown daughters.

Here is the link to Armistead’s article about twice interviewing Graham Nash, formerly of the Hollies and Crosby, Stills & Nash. The story appeared in The Boston Globe this past summer.

Allegheny Professor Shares His Fulbright Experience

Eric Pallant photographed his share of sheep, rustic stonewalls, and vintage waterwheels during the spring 2017 semester which he spent in the United Kingdom as part of the Fulbright educational exchange program. Pallant, the Christine Scott Nelson Professor of Environmental Sustainability and chair of the Department of Environmental Science at Allegheny College, also taught students about food, sustainability and green campus initiatives at Lancaster University. And he presented his lecture, “6000 Years of Bread,” at Gresham College in London.

This was Pallant’s second Fulbright experience. In 2001 he was awarded a Fulbright to teach and conduct research at Israel’s Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.


Educators From Around the World to Attend Allegheny Global Health Institute

Allegheny College’s Global Health Studies program will host more than 75 faculty and administrative colleagues from around the country and the world to participate in the Teach Global Health: 2017 Summer Institute for Undergraduate Curriculum Development and Course Design for three days starting on Monday, June 19.

The institute is being held in collaboration with the Association of American Colleges and Universities, the Great Lakes Colleges Association, the Consortium of Universities of Global Health, Child Family Health International, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the highly competitive private foundation which awarded Allegheny $1.5 million to develop a robust undergraduate program in Global Health over the past five years.

Allegheny Global Health Studies has been one of very few programs in the country, and the only liberal arts institution, to offer an undergraduate major and minor in Global Health Studies since 2012, though the number of majors offered in programs around the country is expected to grow. With the number of Global Health Studies graduates increasing yearly, Allegheny continues to be a leader in this nascent field. Prompted by enthusiastic reviews from the 2015 Summer Institute, and requests from colleagues across the country, the workshop will return this summer to continue strengthening the field of undergraduate global health education. (more…)

Allegheny College Celebrates 460 Students and Two Distinguished Leaders; PBS Chief Executive Paula Kerger Delivers Commencement Address

Allegheny College today honored 460 graduates and presented two distinguished leaders with honorary degrees at its Commencement ceremonies on the lawn outside of historic Bentley Hall.

Paula Kerger, president and chief executive officer of PBS, who was awarded an honorary doctorate of humane letters at the ceremony, delivered the commencement address in the College’s 202nd year.

Kerger urged graduates to trust their intuition. “Wherever your adventure takes you, I encourage you to find your inner voice – the one that whispers to you about what you were put on this earth to do. The voice that is innately and inherently yours, not an imitation of someone else. And once you find it, never let it go.

“During your time at Allegheny, you’ve proven that you’re smart and creative and resilient, and you’ve been given the tools needed to succeed in life and career. That brings me to my ‘ask:’ I ask that you use those tools not just for the advancement of your professional career, but also for the betterment of your community and your country,” said Kerger. (more…)

Allegheny Honors Students and Organizations for Outstanding Leadership

Allegheny College on Tuesday, April 18, honored dozens of students and student-operated organizations for their leadership on the campus and in the Meadville community during the past academic year.

Students and groups were nominated for the Annual Leadership Awards and Cornerstone Awards by community and campus sponsors and were chosen by selection committees that include faculty and staff. Awards were presented by Allegheny President James H. Mullen, Jr. and members of the College’s administration.

“The leadership in this room has made a significant impact on this campus, in the Meadville community and beyond,” Mullen said. “It is truly inspiring to hear about everything our students accomplish while balancing school, work and life.”

The students honored for their leadership and a brief description of their accomplishments and awards follows: (more…)