Welcome to Orientation at Allegheny!

If you’re a new student, a prospective student, or a parent of a new or prospective student, welcome! Feel free to explore this site for information about Orientation at Allegheny College.

The Learning Commons is responsible for coordinating orientation programs for new and transfer students prior to the start of both the Fall and Spring semesters. Should you have any questions relating to orientation programs, please feel free to contact us using the information on the right side of this page.

Life in the Residence Halls: Andrew Skelly ’17

Andrew SkellyHi everyone!

My name is Andrew (or Skelly as most people call me), and I’m a rising junior. I am going to be the Community Advisor (CA) of Schultz Hall this year, and I could not be more excited! I just wanted to talk to you guys about what it’s like living at Allegheny, and give a little bit of advice I’ve picked up through my time here so far.

Let’s talk about Residence Life first. We divide our residence halls into nine separate areas. As incoming first years, you will be placed in either Baldwin, Brooks, Crawford, Edwards, Schultz, Ravine, or Walker. The Sorting Hat determines which dorm is your best fit, and who you will live with….just kidding, we’re not Hogwarts (not yet at least). Each dorm has a number of Resident Advisors (RAs) who live in the halls and make sure everything is safe and comfortable for the residents (that’s you guys). Each building has one CA (that’s me!), and it’s the CA’s job to oversee the RAs, and make sure the building is in good shape. To make an analogy, if our halls were boats, the CAs would be the captains, the RAs would be the main crew, and you guys would be our wonderful guests. The CAs and RAs work directly with the main Office of Residence Life to make sure your living experience is the best it can be! If you want to get a feel for what the buildings are really like, check out Allegheny’s Residence Life Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/AlleghenyResidence

The main Office of Residence Life is found in Reis Hall as part of the Office of Student Life. Here you will find our professional staff members, and they are absolutely fantastic. They all want to help you out as much as they can. Stop on in sometime and say hi!

Skelly Tip #1: get to know your RA and CA, and go to their events!
Your RAs and CA are there to help you, and they are such a great resource for you. These are some of the nicest people on campus, and they can help you so much, whether it be with school related stuff or really just anything. Really, try to get to know them! Throughout the course of the semester, the RAs/CAs will hold different hall bonding activities. They range from movie nights to snowball fights, and all sorts of other things in between. Make an effort to go to these events! First off, you can get a ton of free stuff, and seriously, who doesn’t like free stuff? I guarantee you, you will never have as much free pizza given to you again, take full advantage of it! It’s also a great way to socialize with your hall, and make friends. (more…)

Advice on your first year at Allegheny – Catherine Schnur ’17

Catherine SchnurHey class of 2019! My name is Catherine, and I’ll be a junior in the fall. I’m an Environmental Studies major and an English Literature minor.

The summer before my first year I felt a little apprehensive. While touring colleges, I never had ‘that moment’, that immediate feeling like I’d found the place I was meant to be. Obviously, I liked Allegheny when I visited, and I’m very happy with my decision to come here, but at the time, I still wasn’t sure what to expect.

My first week at Allegheny had moments where I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath and moments where I had more free time than I knew what to do with. Sometime between attending to all my classes, staying up late talking to my roommate, and going to a ton of different events I had found my place. I quickly started calling my dorm room home, and I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be.

My first year, especially my first semester, was a whirlwind. If your first year is anything like mine, it is going to be an experience. I loved my freshmen year, there were so many wonderful moments, and I gained so much that year. However, I also had many moments where I felt unsure of what I was doing. Moving away from all the friends and family that you’ve grown up with is a big change. With so many changes, you are going to encounter a lot of new situations, and in new situations you’ll probably feel uncertain of what to do. Looking back, I think the best thing I could have done was to embrace that uncertainty.

You’re a first year student, so it’s okay if you act like a first year student. It’s okay to ask the obvious questions. It’s okay to admit when you’re unsure. It’s okay to reach out for help, if you want or need help. No one expects you to have it all figured out.

Allow yourself the freedom of not knowing. Open yourself to all the experiences you can have. It’s okay to spend your first year trying a billion different things, even if you only try them once. With newness also comes a chance to start over; a chance to go after new experiences you never felt able to go after before.

You are going to have so many new opportunities in college. Not only in the classes you take, but also with the people you meet and within the community you are now a part of. Try not to let uncertainty stop you from pursing new interests. Instead, take it as a sign that you’re headed in the right direction; if you feel uncertain it’s probably because you’re gaining new experiences. Gaining new experiences and insight is what college is all about.

Allegheny.edu Email and WebAdvisor

Some of the first questions we get from new students are how to access their Allegheny.edu email and WebAdvisor accounts, so we’ve prepared the following helpful tips for you as you start using these accounts regularly:

  1. An Allegheny ID number, username, email address, and initial password is sent to you by mail shortly after you pay your enrollment deposit. Your account information is at the bottom of the cover letter from the Learning Commons in that initial mailing. If you cannot locate your letter, we can resend it to you. Just send an email to orientation@allegheny.edu, or call us at (814) 332-2898 during business hours.
  2. You can reach your Allegheny email and WebAdvisor accounts by going to My Allegheny. My Allegheny is the best place to access campus news and events, as well as an alphabetical listing of important departments and offices around campus.
  3. Your @allegheny.edu email address is hosted by Google and operates just like a personal Gmail account. To access your account, you can click “Email” from My Allegheny, or simply go to Gmail directly. Make sure to use your full email address (username@allegheny.edu) and password when logging into your Allegheny email account.
  4. Clicking on “Email” from My Allegheny will take you to your personal Gmail inbox if you are already logged in with another Google account. To access your Allegheny email account, you can either a.) sign out of your personal Gmail account and log in with your Allegheny account information, or b.) go to your personal Gmail inbox, click your profile photo in the top right corner, then click “Add Account” to add your Allegheny account information. Adding your Allegheny account will allow you to switch between inboxes by clicking on your profile photo, and then clicking on the Gmail account you wish to use.
  5. You will use only your username (the first part of your email address, before the @allegheny.edu) to log in to WebAdvisor. Your password to access WebAdvisor, and all other Allegheny services, is the same as the one you use for your email account.
  6. Once you are able to successfully log in to both your email and WebAdvisor accounts with your initial password, we strongly suggest that you change your password on the ITS website.

If you have any questions about accessing your account, please contact us at orientation@allegheny.edu or during business hours at (814) 332-2898. You can also contact the ITS Help Desk at (814) 332-2755.

Housing preference forms are now available!

New Gators: If you have submitted your deposit AND received the welcome packet with your student ID and account information, you can now complete your housing information form! The form is available by going to the “Important Forms” page on the menu to the left.

New first year students also have the option of choosing to participate in a Living-Learning Community (LLC) for the 2015-2016 academic year. LLCs are a special type of housing assignment, where students live on the same residence hall floor with the other members of their specially-designated FS 101 course. Visit the LLC page to learn more about this exciting opportunity, and to read course descriptions for this year’s LLCs. You can also access the LLC application on the Important Forms page.

Here are a few things to remember when completing your housing forms:

1. Be honest. It is critical for the roommate assignment process that you be truthful about your habits and preferences. If you have trouble keeping a tidy room, be honest about that. If you rarely go to bed past 11:00pm, and always wake up before 7:30 am, be honest about that too. Represent yourself accurately so we can find the roommate who’s the best fit for you!

2. Complete the forms as soon as possible. The Office of Residence Life considers these forms in the order that they are submitted. The sooner you complete the form, the more likely it is that we will be able to match you with a roommate who is a good fit, and place you in your preferred residence hall. If you have already submitted your deposit and received your welcome packet, you can get submit the form today! Note: You must complete the forms no later than May 31.

3. You will receive your room and roommate assignment information in July. Though you may submit the form as early as today, the Office of Residence Life will not begin reviewing the forms until June, after most incoming students have submitted their deposits. Also, please remember that other incoming students have until May 31 to complete the housing form.

As noted in your summer communication schedule, incoming students will receive their roommate assignment and residence hall room information by email in July. That will give you plenty of time before Orientation begins on Saturday, August 22 to connect with your new roommate, and get to know each other!

If you have any questions about the housing process for incoming students, please contact the Office of Residence Life at (814) 332-3865. You may also contact the orientation staff at (814) 332-2898, or orientation@allegheny.edu.

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