Summer Registration Advisors

New first year and international students arriving for the Fall semester will work with a summer registration advisor via telephone during the registration period (July 13 – 17 and July 20 – 24) to schedule their Fall courses.

Each incoming student will receive an email in June confirming the time and date of their registration appointment and the name of their registration advisor.

Each advisor is a full-time faculty or staff member with the knowledge and experience to help you construct a Fall course schedule that fits your academic interests.

More information about the summer registration process will be included in the paper mailing sent to all incoming students at the end of May.

2015 Registration Advisors

Listed below are the faculty and staff members serving as registration advisors this summer:

Prof. Ian Binnington (History)
Prof. Eric Boynton (Philosophy & Religious Studies)
Prof. Daniel Crozier (Communication Arts & Theatre)
Prof. Alice Deckert (Chemistry)
Prof. Deborah Dickey (Psychology)
Rebecca Dickinson (Director of the Learning Commons)
Ed Giles (Assistant Director of the Learning Commons)
valerie guerrero (Associate Director of the Center for Intercultural Advancement & Student Success)
Prof. Elizabeth Guldan (Chemistry)
Prof. Kale Haywood (History)
Prof. Patrick Jackson (Philosophy & Religious Studies and National Fellowships Advisor)
Jenny Kawata (Director of International Education)
Prof. Michael Keeley (Communication Arts & Theatre)
Prof. Briana Lewis (Modern & Classical Languages)
Prof. Chris Lundberg (Biology and Mathematics)
John Mangine (Director of Disability Services)
Prof. Milt Ostrofsky (Biology)
Prof. Lauren Paulson (Psychology)
Prof. Susan Slote (English and Education Studies)
Prof. Jon Wiebel (Communication Arts & Theatre)
Prof. Dan Willey (Physics)

If you have any questions about the summer registration process, please contact us at (814) 332-2898, or