Irem Kurtsal

Visiting Scholar

Irem’s first philosophy degree was her MA from Bogazici University in İstanbul, where she grew up. She got her PhD in Philosophy from Syracuse University. While also finishing her dissertation on the sorites paradox and identity through time, she began to teach at Bilkent University and Middle East Technical University in Ankara. After that, she worked at University of Missouri—Saint Louis for four years before moving to Bogazici University as an Assistant Professor. Her research is on the metaphysics and epistemology of identity through time, both of things and of ourselves. She is increasingly interested in understanding religious experience. She collaborates with other scholars on interfaith dialogue projects. In addition to metaphysics, she teaches classes on ethics, applied ethics, philosophy of religion, free will, logic, philosophy of science and modern philosophy.  Her favorite hobbies are running and acting, especially improv acting.