Department Facts


  • Since 1920, Allegheny has ranked in the top 7 percent among private undergraduate institutions in production of students who eventually receive physics Ph.D.s.
  • “Hardly a day goes by that I don’t fall back on skills that were sharpened at Allegheny. I’m satisfied that I did the best thing by having a broad background.” 
— Ben Burtt ’70, winner of four Academy Awards, two for sound design for Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark and two for sound effects editing for ET and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • “I had a definite advantage when I started graduate school. I had worked with laser optics and quantum mechanics at Allegheny. The faculty there were surprised by what I already knew.” 
— Tom M. Brown ’89
  • “Allegheny’s physics department prepared me well for my career at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. I received extensive theoretical and technical knowledge through hands-on research as well as personal interactions with professors.” 
— Danielle Wesolek ’00