Internships have course numbers between 500 and 549. Internships regularly offered by a department can be found in the departmental course listings in the Academic Bulletin. For internships that do not already have a designated course number, register in the supervising department (e.g., ECON, PSYCH…) and use the course number “529.” Please provide the Registrar’s Office with a brief, written description of any internship not described in the Academic Bulletin and also indicate the number of credits for the internship (1-4).

Some faculty and programs require that internships be taken on the Credit/No Credit basis. Please remember that no more than four credits may be taken on the Credit/No Credit basis in any semester. Make sure to discuss all expectations for the internship (including academic requirements, the number of credits, and whether the internship will be graded or CR/NC) with your faculty supervisor before registering.

Please note that many internships have specific pre- and/or co-requisites for enrollment in the internship; consult the Academic Bulletin for details.