Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

FCA3The Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets once a week and provides a safe and welcoming place for all students who are interested in exploring, discussing, and sharing their Christian faith.  The group comprises athletes and non-athletes and uses the tool of sports to facilitate and fuel conversations and explore the world around us.

“FCA is an amazing organization that allows me to take a break from the stress of the week, connect with other athletes, and grow in my faith. All students, regardless of their faith status or participation in athletics are welcome to attend!”

— Abigail Kmiecinski, ‘13

FCA2At a Thursday night FCA meeting, you will find a group of highly enthusiastic, friendly, active students, who are participating in a mix of games, devotion, conversation, and a sharing of their faith.  The diversity and mixture of students who gather makes the group a unique and fantastic community to become a part of.

“FCA is a group of students and athletes of all kinds who come together to share joys, concerns, doubts and discoveries about our spiritual, athletic and academic lives and the role God plays in them.”

— Sarah Moss, ‘14