Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

“FCA was the first club I found at Allegheny and the one that has made me feel most at home. Over the past few years, being a part of FCA has encouraged me to grow in my faith, confidence, and leadership ability, as well as providing me with a great group of friends and connections to people across campus.”

—Alexis Preston, ‘16

FCA1The Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets once a week and provides a safe and welcoming place for all students who are interested in exploring, discussing, and sharing their Christian faith.  The group comprises athletes and non-athletes and uses the tool of sports to facilitate and fuel conversations and explore the world around us.

At a Thursday night FCA meeting, you will find a group of highly enthusiastic, friendly, active students, who are participating in a mix of games, devotion, conversation, and a sharing of their faith.  The diversity and mixture of students who gather makes the group a unique and fantastic community to become a part of.