Bedbug Protocol for College Residences

Globally, bedbugs are becoming more problematic. During the last academic year, a small case of bedbugs was found in Allegheny College residences, and we have worked to eradicate them. We continue to closely monitor college residences for the presence of bedbugs, and your cooperation in helping us to know and respond quickly to any reports of bedbugs is essential to our efforts to provide a healthy living environment.

If you travel and sleep in hotels or other dwellings, you can bring bedbugs to your home or college living space. The following travel tips are provided to help you minimize the likelihood of transmitting bed bugs back to Allegheny:  Travel Tips.

If you suspect that bedbugs are present in your room, please contact a professional staff member in the Office of Residence Life at 332-3865. After 5 p.m., contact the Office of Safety and Security at 332-3357. (Evidence that bedbugs are present can include experiencing bites or itching, finding droppings, or seeing a bug.)