Edwards Hall

Edwards HallThis healthy living community-based residence hall contains double and single rooms (on average, approximately 18’x10’) as well as quads (approximately 18’x17’).  Each carpeted room features New England woodwork furniture, two built-in closets, and windows sized about 4’x3’6”.

All rooms have internet jacks, a cable box, a phone line, and multiple outlets. All buildings are non-smoking and do not allow pets other than fish.

Edwards Hall
535 Highland Ave.
All male and female students
Halls separated by gender or Co-Ed
Singles, Doubles, and 2 quads (4 person living spaces)
Twin extra long bed with mattress, desk, and desk carrel
1 built in closet
1 dresser
Mini-blinds (bring own curtains)
Building controlled
Kitchenette, bathroom for every hall, laundry room, lounges on each floor

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