Game Room

April 12, 2014 Pool Tournament winners: Mike Fields,1st Place; Levi Lundell, 2nd Place; Julian Bermingham, 3rd Place.  

Game Room

The Game Room, located in Henderson Campus Center, offers a friendly, relaxing atmosphere where students can unwind and socialize with friends and others who share similar interests. Special features include two customized Gator Hoops Shoot to Win basketball games, Wii gaming station, pool, ping-pong, air hockey, two Need for Speed arcade games, Ms. Pac Man/Galaga and AC/DC pinball arcade games, steel-tipped dart board, board games, and the Gator Flix movie collection exceeding 1,600 titles. All games are set to free-play and the DVD’s and board games are free to sign out for a limited time period.

The Game Room is open noon to midnight daily while school is in session, and is staffed by thirteen students including a student manager. The Office of Student Involvement manages the Game Room.

A suggestion box is located in the Game Room for suggestions or comments pertaining to the Game Room. The Game Room staff or Student Involvement may also be contacted.

Movie Quote of the Week Contest

The Game Room offers a Movie Quote of the Week contest for Allegheny students, with the winning entry receiving a $20 Movies at Meadville gift certificate.  Each week during the semester a movie quote will be written on the blackboard in the Game Room. Simply stop by and fill out an entry form, all correct entries are eligible for the prize. The winning entry is drawn on Friday morning with the winner notified by email.

Fall semester 2013 contest winners:
Week 1: Meghan Hayman ’16 “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” ~The Godfather
Week 2: Jaymee Wallace ’14 “Here’s looking at you, kid.” ~Casablanca
Week 3: Katie Katilius ’15 “Show me the money!” ~Jerry Maguire
Week 4: Mike Waine ’14 “You can’t handle the truth!” ~A Few Good Men
Week 5: Ron Davis ’17 “I’ll have what she’s having.” ~When Harry Met Sally
Week 6: Sarah Shindler ’16 “There’s no crying in baseball.” ~A League of Their Own
Week 7: Ally Bartlett ’16 “Toga! Toga!” ~Animal House
Week 8: Sarah Fiore ’14 “I feel the need, the need for speed!” ~Top Gun
Week 9: Devin Malone ’16 “I’m in a glass case of emotion!” ~Anchorman
Week 10: Marco Corona ’14 “That rug really tied the room together.” ~The Big Lewbowski
Week 11: Abi Andolina ’14 “We’re on a mission from God.” ~Blues Brothers
Week 12: Dana Bruce ’17 “Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon.” ~The Hangover

Spring semester 2014 contest winners:
Week 1: Lance Metsger ’17 “No regrets? Like, not even a single letter?” ~We Are the Millers
Week 2: Allison Carandang ’15 “We all go a little mad sometimes.” ~Psycho
Week 3: Abbey Turner ’16 “Hasta la vista, baby.” ~Terminator II
Week 4: Abby Lombard ’16 “Rosebud.” ~Citizen Kane
Week 5: Mary Bonacchi ’14 “If you build it, he will come.” ~Field of Dreams
Week 6: Greg Singer ’15 “Houston, we have a problem.” ~Apollo 13
Week 7: Dylan McNany ’14 “He’s fixing a divot!” ~Space Jam
Week 8: Kelly Frantz ’16 “Just a flesh wound.” ~Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Week 9: Colin Muldoon ’14 “This is Sparta!” ~300
Week 10: Paige Slaughter ’14 “Get off my plane!” ~ Air Force One
Week 11: Rose So ’16 “Thank you very little.” ~Caddyshack
Week 12: TBD
Week 13: TBD
Week 14: TBD