WARC Radio

Description: WARC is a radio station that gives students (and some professors) a chance to learn about and practice broadcasting, DJing, and communicating. We have a variety of shows, from talk shows to rock shows, and DJs have pretty free reign over what kind of show they play. We also bring in bands and have other events on campus.

Purpose: The Mission of WARC 90.3FM Meadville, Pennsylvania is to operate and promote a professional alternative radio station and serve as an educational tool for listeners and disc jockeys alike. It is a non-commercial, student-run college station, an alternative in an overwhelmingly for-profit, corporate media system. WARC has a regular programming schedule with shows hosted by Allegheny College students, faculty, and staff from around the college. It is a unique opportunity for Gators who wish to learn radio production, try their DJing skills, or develop politically engaging talk shows.

Meeting Time: Meetings are for current DJs only. Anyone interested in learning more can email warc@allegheny.edu.

Request Line: 814-332-5275

President: William Taylor, (2016-2017)
Email: taylorw@allegheny.edu

Advisor: Joseph Tompkins, Assistant Director of Communication Arts
Email: jtompkins@allegheny.edu

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