Student Experimental Theatre

Description: S.E.T. is a completely student run theatre group which gives opportunities to actors, designers, directors, or crew of any skill level who wants to experiment with their theater skills. Our performances are often less time consuming than surrounding theatres. We also have two improv comedy groups which perform regularly. If you love theatre we can fit you in…no matter how busy you are!

Purpose: Student Experimental Theatre provides opportunities for growing actors, directors, and designers to develop new skills and refine previous expertise within the study of theatrics. Students learn the creative and technical processes involved in productions and work with other members to enrich the progressive nature of theatre. S.E.T. creates a safe, respectful, and collaborative space for the exploration and potential of the fine art of theatrical performance.

Meeting Time: First Thursday 5:00 p.m, Arter Theatre (Monthly)

President: Mary Lyon, (2016-2017)

Advisor: Michael Mehler, Assistant Professor of Communication Arts/Theater

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