Class Agent (Annual Fund Volunteer)

VISA_Working_v2_smallClass agents act as chairs for their respective classes during non-reunion years. As such, they are communicators and motivators for their classmates to become involved in events, volunteer or donate to the College. It is expected that these persons be supportive of the Allegheny College, and be respected by their peers.

Class agents are:

Stewards for class fundraising efforts. As such, class agents should believe in philanthropy and have a positive track record of giving to the College, or have a desire to begin giving to the College.

Liaisons between the staff and their classmates. They inform their classmates on current issues at the College and provide feedback to the College on classmates’ interests, concerns and news.

Communicators. They participate in outreach efforts to classmates in an effort to help them reconnect to the College and invest in Allegheny.

Motivators. Class agents works with their fellow classmates to identify ways for alumni to help support the College through volunteer initiatives in student recruitment, career mentoring, academic advisory boards and more.

Let us know if you are interested in serving as a Class Agent.