Personal Outreach

Gator Greetings Holiday Card Project

VISA_Working_v2_smallThe Admissions Office strives to personalize and customize the college search process for each prospective student. We invite you to reach out to the students in your local area during the holiday season through the Gator Greetings Holiday Card project. Participants are asked to write holiday cards to high school seniors in their local area who have shown a serious interest in attending Allegheny.

We’ll send notification to you in November asking if you’d like to participate. If you decide to volunteer, we’ll generate a list of approximately 20-25 prospective students in your surrounding area and ask that you send personal, hand-written notes to each. Our office will provide you with a supply of holiday cards, envelopes, postage, your student information list, project evaluation form, return envelope, project instructions, tips, and sample messages.

This is a fun way to connect with interested students in your area while sharing your holiday and Allegheny spirit!

Let us know of your interest in sending Gator Greetings.

Accepted Student Letter Campaign

Share your Allegheny experience through our letter-writing campaign. We will match you with 15-20 accepted students (or more, if you’d like!) to receive a personal letter from you on your letterhead.

This letter outreach often leads to follow-up conversations between alumni and prospective students. That personal connection is valuable in the college decision-making process.

Let us know of your interest in sending congratulatory letters to accepted students.