Just as your own sense of fashion has evolved over the years, Allegheny’s faithful mascot, Chompers, has enjoyed many different looks over the past 90 years… in animal print… paper maché… and who can forget the shag carpet look?

Not wanting to miss out on the big 200th birthday celebration, Chompers has a new look for a new century.

Thanks to your help.


About The #ChompTheVote Campaign

chompers-gray-questionFrom December 1 through December 7, 2014, Allegheny students, alumni, faculty, and staff cast their votes for the new Chompers costume color. Voting was spirited and passionate, with exciting engagement on social media using hashtags for the overall voting campaign (#ChompTheVote) and individual color “teams” (#TeamBlue, #TeamDarkGreen, #TeamBrightGreen, #TeamGold).

On Saturday February 14, 2015, the all-new Chompers made its debut between the women’s and men’s basketball games at the Wise Center.

Project: Chompers – The Documentary

Project: Chompers – Part 1

Project: Chompers – Part 2

Through All The Years

Take a quick walk down memory lane to see the evolution of Chompers over the years.

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Cast your vote for your favorite color for Chompers new costume.

  • Voting is now closed.
  • Voting was open from 12am on December 1, 2014 until 11:59pm on December 7, 2014.
  • This vote is for the costume only. We’re leaving the beloved Gator logo just the way it is.
  • One vote per person.
  • The winning costume will be unveiled Spring 2015!

Color Choices









Total Votes: 5,811

Votes Per Day:

[wp_charts title=”barchart” type=”bar” align=”alignright” width=”100%” margin=”5px 20px” datasets=”2832,482,219,738,337,58,1145″ labels=”12/1,12/2,12/3,12/4,12/5,12/6,12/7″ scaleOverride=”true” scalesteps=”30″ scaleStepWidth=”100″ scaleStartValue=”0″]

Votes By Region

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