Sean O’Connor

AAC Election Update 2018

The results are in and we would like to welcome the newly elected members. They will serve a two year term beginning July 1, 2018.

Those elected are:

  • Cluster 1: Wendy Kedzierski
  • Cluster 2: Molly Smith
  • Cluster 3: Josh Tysiachney and Penny Drexel
  • Cluster 4: Amanda Mangine
  • Cluster 6: Kelly Barzak
  • Cluster 7: Valerie Lohr

We would also like to thank those whose terms are expiring; your participation has played a vital role for the committee. They include: Lenee McCandless, Suzyn-Elayne Soler, Sean O’Connor, Rebecca Guanzon, Marian Sherwood and Ashley Hughes.

And to round out the committee membership, those completing their term or staying on for an additional term include: Carly Masiroff, Aimee Reash, Kelly Boulton, Sara Pineo, Sueann Mercier and Bob Simmons.

All AAC meetings are open. As we plan for the next year, we will post meeting dates/times/locations on our webpage. If you have a specific item you would like addressed, please email your cluster representative, which are noted in our bylaws, or anyone on the committee.

Spring 2018 Meetings

AAC is going to be meeting once a month at noon throughout the Spring semester. We encourage you to connect with your Cluster reps often. More information about the reps can be found on the “Meet your reps” page.

Spring 2018 meeting dates and locations are:

  • February 1 at noon, CC 206
  • March 1 at noon, CC 206
  • April 5 at noon, CC 206
  • May 3 at noon, CC 206

Always feel free to connect and communicate with the committee via our on-line comment form here.