March 4, 2010

AAC Meeting Minutes

March 4, 2010

Call to order: 12:10 p.m.

Members present:

Alan Bartlett

Sandra Sanford

Betsy Rhodes

Jamie Williams

Jason Ramsey

Penny Frank


New member, Jamie Williams, 2002 alum, works in Community Service office (chosen from new employee pool after Mike Richwalsky’s departure)

DGE Feedback

We agree the feedback is OK to send to the DGE committee

Betsy: If the number of responses is too small, they won’t report them at all; Betsy will send the feedback to Ian B.

FCC Member Replacement

It is a responsibility of the AAC to make suggestions to the office of the president for new members of FCC. Everyone should think about who they would like to suggest.

Need someone who:

• Will attend regularly, be aggressive, show up, and represent AAC

• Meet weekly – big commitment, 4:30–6 p.m.

— ACTION ITEM: Bring names of who you would like to nominate —

Google Apps

James Fadden is looking for feedback about Google Apps; project is considered to be done, he will be coming to a future meeting (next?)

— ACTION ITEM: Bring your concerns and feedback about Google Apps —

Subcommittee on Bylaw Review – Jason Ramsey

Jason did a review of the clusters and drew up a map that shows all administrators and where they work as well as what AEC member they are under

Do we keep 11 people on AAC? Need a quarum, need attendance

Why do we want to improve this? The system is outdated.

What is the goal of AAC?

Should Parkhurst be included as part of AAC?

We’re all leaning toward a cluster organization by building, this solves a few issues; Jason is in support of this option, but it still needs fleshed out

AAC Year

The AAC year runs from July > June

Suggestion for new people to start in September

Should we change the meeting time?

Adjourned 1:08 p.m.