October 13, 2009

AAC Meeting Notes
October 13, 2009

-Welcome: Hope you had a good Summer, etc.

-Mention of joint sponsorship of Summer Trilogy Events with SAC this past summer.

Jared Luteran
Rob Clune
Betsy Rhoades
Jason Ramsey
Mike Richwalsky
Matt Gullatta
Tony Cipollone
Penny Frank
Cynthia Burton

FFC Discussion: Jason Ramsey
-Budget forecasts given to Trustees. Budget should be able to be balanced this
year and next year thanks to provisions in past budgets. (To accommodate poor
-No talk of layoffs, reduced hours, etc. We’re in good shape.
-FFC Reviewing Benefits. Will probably keep Highmark over competition.
Benefit plans will probably be tweaked.

Budget: (Mike) Currently around $464 and change, (minus today’s lunch.). Most spent
for Summer Trilogy event. Not much need through year for budget.

Reminder of October 29th Discussion with President Mullen, AAC, and SAC about
Summer Planning Group and Strategic Planning. Location: Schultz East Alcove. Will
last from 12 – 1 pm. Lunch will be provided.

Discussion of AAC’s mission for new members: To serve as a representative for
administrators. To be a voice on behalf of our constituents. To serve on other
committees to provide viewpoint of administrators.

Penny: Discussion of newsletters, as recommended by model of SAC regular
newsletters. Committee decided on Online content / Web Newsletter to keep people
informed of AAC.
-Jason: Added that we should go to our respective groups and remind them that AAC
exists. Go engage people!

FFC meetings are each Wednesday from 4-6pm in CC206. They are open for all those
who are interested.

Much praise to Penny for ¼ sheet agendas. (Which I’ve lost.)

Discussion of Paper Standards, focusing on centralized paper ordering / delivery to
Allegheny. Possible cost benefits of ordering as an institution vs. ordering as individual
Recommendation to invite Kelly Boulton to next meeting to discuss paper policies.

Mike: Posed question of meeting time to committee. Meetings will still be held during
lunch, (12-1pm), but now on 1st Thursday of each month.
Mike to send out monthly reminders of meetings.

Next meeting will be held November 5th, from 12:00-1:00pm.

Jason: Idea to reconnect HR and administrative team to discuss benefits and how they
benefit employees. (Suggestion to invite Pat to next meeting.)
-Example of Flex Pay, which many people might need more information about. (Rob
recommends Flex Pay.)
-Suggestion of lunchtime discussions based on specific topics, instead of open-ended
-Suggestion of informing Young Professionals of Benefits more in-depth.
-Mike to talk to Pat about attending next meeting.
-Flex Spending deadline is quickly approaching. Might be a good time to introduce this
topic to everyone.

Officer Elections:
-Secretary…errr… Recorder: Penny
-Vice Chair/Treasurer: Betsy
-Chair: Mike

October 29 from 12-1: Discussion of Strategic Plan w/ President Mullen in Schultz East
Alcove. Lunch will be provided.
November 5 from 12-1: Regular AAC meeting
If you have questions or feedback, please contact Mike.

Meeting Adjourned.