Energy and Society

Because this minor is interdivisional, students who minor in Energy and Society may complete any major to satisfy the college requirement that the major and minor be in different divisions.

The Energy & Society minor requires the completion of 24 credit hours. Four required foundation courses cover 16 credit hours, while the remaining 8 credit hours (two courses) are completed in one of four elective tracks: Ethics & Social Justice, Communication, Economic Systems, or Political Systems. Each student in the minor is assigned an advisor; students work with their advisor to identify particular electives to complete the minor.

Electives (8 credit hours).

Students must meet with the minor advisor to identify 8 credits to complete their elective requirement. Elective coursework should be taken in one of the following thematic areas: 


Choose a minimum of two courses (8 semester credit hours) from a minimum of one module.


Ethics & Social Justice

Take at least two of the following:

PHIL 140 - Ethics and Community
ENVSC 352 - Environmental Justice


Students may use a credit-bearing internship to fulfill up to 4 credit hours of their elective requirement. ENERG 529 may be applied to fulfill credit for any of the thematic areas. Internships from other departments that align within one of the above thematic categories may be considered with consultation of the minor advisor.

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