Energy and Society

Professors Carter (Program Coordinator), Carbone, O’Brien, Persichini, Statman

The Energy and Society minor (ENERG) is an interdivisional minor that provides students with the intellectual framework for understanding historical, current, and future energy systems from societal and scientific perspectives. The liberal arts approach to this minor allows our students to explore different facets of the extant energy transition at a variety of scales. Students will develop the tools to propose resilient and sustainable societal responses to the decommissioning of current energy systems and/or creation of new energy systems.

Energy and Society Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate, identify, and predict social and behavioral aspects of energy consumption at the individual, organizational, and community levels
  • Explain, describe, and evaluate different energy systems in society and how natural processes control their formation, extraction, and environmental impacts
  • Examine and evaluate the geographic location of natural resources used in energy systems and compare and contrast the economic and geopolitical issues surrounding their utilization and trade
  • Develop and apply analytical tools to promote access, efficiency, conservation, and/or equity in energy systems within local, regional, national, or international communities