Arienthea Gray ’17

ArienthiaGray1Though far from her home in Los Angeles, CA, Arienthea Gray ’17 entered Allegheny College sure of her decision to become a Gator. Although she hadn’t visited campus prior to Move In Day, she knew that she wanted a challenging school – one whose name and reputation is taken seriously… a place like Allegheny.

The relationship she forged with her Allegheny Admissions Counselor, an Allegheny alum, sealed the deal.

“He talked of his experience. It reminded me a lot of my high school: small, with the ability to get to know faculty and administration and become involved.”

Now a Gator for two semesters, Arienthea credits her involvement in Access Allegheny! for her successful transition into life as a college student.

“Access Allegheny! pushes you, promoting the work ethic that is necessary to be successful at Allegheny. I realized that I needed to work harder if I wanted to be successful and accomplish my goals,” she says.

Beyond academic support, she recognizes additional benefits of her involvement in Access Allegheny!

“The faculty and staff are willing to help you outside of class. The Learning Commons and CIASS help me to organize my life.”

The friendships she has forged through Access Allegheny! have special meaning, too.

“Students in Access Allegheny! have a week to settle in and benefit from meeting new people before the school year starts. I made many new friends who were involved in this program. Once school began, I felt more comfortable expanding my circle of friends because of this initial group.”

As Arienthea moves toward her ultimate goal of becoming a doctor, she has become inspired to help others. She would like to serve a non-profit organization, maybe even beginning her own to raise funds to support the educational goals of people from her home country of Belize.

Her advice for future Gators? She encourages students to take advantage of and be open minded to diverse opportunities.

“Instead of just looking what you think you want right now, look at all of the opportunities Allegheny has to offer.”