Welcome to the Access Allegheny Program!  You will be joining a wonderful cohort of students when you arrive on campus on Friday, August 16th.  We will send you details about getting to campus and what the week will look like after course registration in July, but in the meantime we have been asked some great questions that we want to share with you.

Q:  Will I have to pay for a meal plan during Access Allegheny?

A.:   No, all your meals are paid for by Allegheny.  The meal plan you purchase for the 2019-2020 academic year will begin when all other student meal plans begin on August 23rd.

Q: Will I be able to move into the room I’ll be living in for the school year?

A: Yes, you will move directly into your room for the year and can get settled one week prior to everyone else. You will not have to move twice.

Q:  I need to fly to Allegheny.  How do I get to campus?

A:  We will provide a free shuttle from the Pittsburgh airport on Friday (8/16). More information to come.

Q: If I already picked a FS 101 with Access Allegheny, do I need to fill out that part on the Educational Planning form?

A: Yes. Type in the FS 101 section you have chosen and then in the following blanks, just type in Access.

Q:  Will you pay for my flight to Access Allegheny?

A:  No, all students are responsible for their travel costs whether they arrive just in time for Move In or a week early for Access Allegheny.

Q:  Is there any work I need to do over the summer for Access Allegheny?

A:  No.  Just enjoy the summer and we will see you at Summer Orientation!

Q:  Is there a dress code during Access Allegheny?

A. We want you to be comfortable, so casual clothing is fine.  The weather can range from cool to very hot, so plan accordingly.  Please keep in mind that you will be meeting with many different offices on campus and will want to make a good impression.

Q:  Can I send some of my stuff ahead of time so I don’t have to bring it with me?

A:  Absolutely.  You can find your mailbox number in your WebAdvisor account (on the left-hand side about halfway down the page under “Communication.”  Do not send anything you need the first night (like sheets and blankets) as you won’t be able to get them until Monday.

Q:  My family will be coming with me to drop me off.  Okay?

A:  Absolutely.  We invite your family to our kick-off celebration at 1:30 pm on Friday afternoon.

Q: How do I order my books with the stipend?

A: You will receive a specific book purchase email at the end of July after you have selected all of your classes during entrance advising.

Q:  I am lost with all the forms and paperwork.  Is there anyone who can help me?

A:  I will be here all summer long.  Send me an email – cmasiroff@allegheny.edu or call 814-332-2898!