Isaiah Henderson ’18

Isaiah Henderson, 2014-2015 Guard for the Allegheny Men’s Basketball team, is learning to negotiate his new responsibilities as a Scholar Athlete, with help from the Access Allegheny! Scholars Program.

He juggles it all—academics, a work-study job at the Learning Commons (an opportunity he attributes to the connections he made during Access Allegheny) and athletics. He is especially thankful for connections he made early on. For example, Katie, an employee in Allegheny’s Career Education Office whom he originally met when she met with ACCESS students during their first week. “I visit Katie every week and she helps me with time management and setting goals. Because of what I learned with her, I know what I have to get done by the end of every week and I make sure that it happens. I would probably be lost without her help and without Access.”

“Anyone thinking about applying for Access Allegheny should do it. I actually wished I had more time with the program. I don’t regret it at all.”