Alumni of the International Students Program

Here are some examples of what some of our recent international graduates are doing now:

  • Hassanah Ibrahim ’02, Nigeria, Yale Medical School
  • Tamara Pavasovic ’03, Serbia, 3-year graduate, Harvard Ph.D. program in Sociology
  • Yasir Shah ’03, Pakistan; Public Health Analyst, Washington, D.C., Department of Health: HIV/AIDS Prevention; Master’s in
    Public Health, George Washington University; published novelist before graduation from Allegheny College
  • Ibrahim Sulai ’04, Nigeria, Junior Year Abroad at Oxford University, University of
    Chicago Ph.D. program in Physics
  • Lisa Maurer ’05, Germany, M.A. University of Wyoming, University of Nebraska Ph.D.
    program in American History
  • Shujing Huang ’05, China, 3-year graduate, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
    University Ph.D. program in Psychology, NSF scholarship
  • Vasiliy Sim ’06, Uzbekistan, University of Albany Medical School
  • Georgi Cholakov ’07, Bulgaria, 3-year graduate, full-time position at Cornerstone
    Research, Boston, M.A.