Eric Stolar

Admissions Counselor / Coordinator of Multicultural Recruitment

Phone: (814) 332-4734 | Email:
About me: Theatre Fanatic / Animal Enthusiast / Coffee Connoisseur
Pronouns: he / him / his

Eric was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania and is a 2019 graduate from Fordham University in New York City having earned a degree in Environmental Studies minoring in Political Science. At Fordham University, Eric was a founding member of the Humanitarian Student Union, an undergraduate organization that focuses on educating other undergraduate students on domestic and international humanitarian crises and affairs, both historic and current, through an interdisciplinary lens. He was also heavily involved in the university’s domestic and international service learning program as leader and board member.

Eric has a passion for traveling and has had the honor to travel to Italy, France, England, Monaco, the Vatican, Nicaragua, Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala. His other great passion in life is musical theatre and has seen over 40 musicals. He will admit, however, he can only be found in the audience for his lack of the ability to sing, dance, or act prevents him from being on stage.

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Eric’s Territories

  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Pittsburgh Promise Schools
  • Select Pittsburgh Schools
  • New Jersey

Travel Schedule

Travel calendars are updated daily with college fairs, high school visits, and off-campus interview opportunities.

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Tips for Future Allegheny Students

  • Don’t stress about picking a perfect major right when you arrive on campus! I changed my major 5 times before the end of my sophomore year. You will have plenty of time to find the right fit for you, and changing as many times as I did requires a lot of paperwork!
  • Volunteer in the surrounding community! Volunteering around town is a great way to meet local community members and to really make Meadville your home.
  • I’ll pass along a favorite tip my mom gave me when I went to college–try not to do too much homework from your bed/dorm room! Utilize study spaces and the library so you don’t start to associate a place where you want to relax and sleep with stress and work!