Louis Fehér-Peiker

Admissions Counselor

Phone:(814) 332-2103 | Email:lfeherpeiker@allegheny.edu
Unusual Combinations: Opera Singer / Ardent Bolo Tie Advocate / Historic Preservationist

Louis is a 2017 graduate of Allegheny where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in History and minored in Middle-Eastern & North African Studies. During his time as a student, Louis split his time between a wide array of leadership positions in the Allegheny chapter of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity; rooting for athletic teams as an Allegheny College Cheerleader; working as a Gator Guide with the Admissions Office; and singing with four of the Allegheny Choirs – including opera.

Louis enjoys spending his time reading cowboy adventure-romance novels, trying new pescatarian recipes, singing unapologetically, and expanding his tie collection. When able, he enjoys practicing his rifle marksmanship and strategizing his next Chess move

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