Senior Overnights

GFCforwebHigh school seniors: Get the most in-depth campus experience with an overnight visit!

Overnight dates are carefully selected to coincide with the college calendar and class schedules so that we may offer you the highest quality visit experience. A classroom experience is a vital component of the overnight visit, so in order to ensure that you may attend a class, we offer visits Monday–Thursday.

Please request your overnight at least a week in advance to allow for proper planning. We make every effort to match students with hosts who share similar interests, and Allegheny offers a variety of housing options. Students will typically attend two classes and if requested, a meeting with a pre-professional advisor for those interested in areas such as health professions, law, public policy, engineering, and education.

Before requesting an overnight visit, please read the following criteria and visit suggestions:

  • Overnight visitors must be a high school senior.
  • Recruited athletes that wish to arrange for an overnight stay with a varsity athlete should contact our coaches directly.
  • Spring semester overnight visitors must be a student that has been admitted to Allegheny College.
  • We strongly recommend participating in an official student overnight program as your overnight experience. Dates and registration for Fall Into Allegheny can be found here.
  • Individual overnight visit participants must be able to provide their own transportation to campus. Students that need transportation assistance are recommended to attend a Fall Into Allegheny (fall) or Go Gator Admitted Student Celebration (spring) event.
  • Overnight visitors should regularly check email and voicemail message for important information prior to visiting.
  • Failure to respond to visit confirmation outreach may result in the cancellation of the visit.

Fall 2019

Individual Overnight Visits

For high school seniors. Overnight visits are available on the following dates for Fall 2019:

  • Sept. 16th-19th
  • Sept. 23rd-26th
  • Sept. 30th
  • Oct. 7th-10th
  • Oct. 21st-24th
  • Oct. 30th-31st
  • Nov. 4th-6th
  • Nov. 12th-14th
  • Nov. 18th-21st
  • Nov. 25th
  • Dec. 2nd-5th

Select one of the above dates on our visit calendar and answer “Yes” to the “Are you interested in an overnight visit experience?” question on our campus visit registration to begin planning your overnight. You must request your overnight at least a week in advance to allow for proper planning.

Fall Into Allegheny

“Fall Into Allegheny” on November 10-11 is the best time to visit this fall. Enjoy an evening on campus, stay overnight in a residence hall, and attend classes on Monday. We’ll have events for family members, too.

Spring 2020

For high school seniors, individual overnights are available. Admitted students will be invited to special admitted student overnights.

Want to meet other admitted students? Attend a Go Gator Admitted Student Celebration (registration opens February 1, 2020).

Go Gator!