Sean Oros

Assistant Director of Admissions

Phone: (814) 332-2103 |
About me: Adventurer / Poet / Former Farmboy

Sean attended a small liberal arts school much like Allegheny and enjoyed it so much he’s never quite left the setting. He majored in English and History in undergrad, later earning his Master’s in History from the University of Chicago, focusing in the English Renaissance. Since then, he’s worked in recruitment and student activities both, giving him a broad set of experiences with which to answer questions.

Fun facts:
Sean spends some of his spare time hiking (or thinking that he should do more hiking), reading or gaming, diving deep into whatever fandom or pop culture reference he’s recently found, and trying his own hand at writing, whether it be poetry, short stories, or trying to continually slim down his oversized novel draft he’s still working on.

Tips for Students:
Always get involved! Allegheny has a ton of opportunities to get engaged with, and that’s where you can often find and make friends for life! Shared experiences make for great memories, and you’ll be sure to find like-minded individuals, no matter what your interests may be.

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