Manufacturing Advanced Placement Program (MAPP)

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Manufacturing Advanced Placement Program (MAPP)

Allegheny College, Acutec Precision Aerospace, and PennState Behrend have developed the Manufacturing Advanced Placement Program to accelerate Allegheny students from their rigorous liberal arts education into inspiring, and fulfilling careers in manufacturing, engineering, or management by creating a pathway from Allegheny to Acutec and into the Master of Manufacturing Management (MMM) program at Behrend.

Contact Byron Rich, Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation, for more information.

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How it works:

  1. Allegheny students join Acutec’s paid New Machinist Program while in their junior or senior year to familiarize them with manufacturing
  2. Students work part-time at Acutec while completing their undergraduate degree
  3. Students are given priority acceptance into the Master of Manufacturing Management (MMM) at Behrend
  4. Acutec covers tuition in the MMM program *
  5. Students work at Acutec contextualizing and applying their academic coursework and gaining practical knowledge while pursuing their MMM

*Contingent on one year of work at Acutec (part-time or full-time) to gain experience prior to the MMM program and a two-year, post-MMM commitment to working at Acutec.