2022 Allegheny Award Winners

Blue Citation

The Blue Citation is awarded to an Allegheny graduate in recognition and appreciation of outstanding service to the College.

Dr. John Anderson ’65

Dr. John Anderson ’65 has distinguished himself through an extraordinary career, dedicated service to his country, and unstinting support of his alma mater.

“As a renowned professional in the field of sports psychology, John has been invited to return to Allegheny on numerous occasions to lend his expertise to coaching staff and teams, addressing motivation, attitude, and mental stamina,” Wayne Abbott ’65 says. John has generously provided these workshops at no cost to the College.

As founder of the Center for Sports Psychology, John has shared his knowledge as a consultant to large corporations, executives, and sports individuals and teams throughout his career. Some of his notable clients include the U.S. Olympic Program, USAA, Whirlpool, and a multitude of other private and public sector organizations throughout the world. Internationally recognized as a motivational speaker and writer, John has been published by Reader’s Digest and U.S. Olympic publications. To this day he continues to provide guidance to athletes, coaches, executives, and people in general, helping them build “gold medal” lives.

“No matter where John goes for speaking engagements or as an author to share his knowledge and expertise, his background and credentials reflect that his roots are grounded in, and bring credit to, Allegheny College,” Abbott says.

John is also a U.S. Air Force veteran who entered the service through the ROTC Program at Allegheny. During his 21 years in the Air Force, he was the Air Force Academy’s director of the Cadet Counseling Center and a tenured professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership, earning the rank of lieutenant colonel.

As he did throughout his career, John has also gone above and beyond for Allegheny. He has devoted his time, insight, and energy to the College’s Alumni Congress and its successor, the Alumni Council, where he served for six years. Among many other contributions to the Council, he was a member of its Awards Committee.

In addition, John, himself a longtime financial supporter of the College, was co-chair of the Class of 1965’s 50th Reunion Committee. His efforts to rally support from classmates helped to lead to a $6 million class gift, resulting in special acknowledgment from then-President Jim Mullen during Reunion Weekend.

“John accepted this volunteer role without hesitation and was a pleasure to work with in planning this event,” says Director of Alumni Relations Sally Hanley ’92. “He has a long history of volunteering for Allegheny that has made a lasting, remarkable difference for the College.”

Allegheny proudly recognizes John Anderson’s outstanding service and loyalty to the College with the Blue Citation.

Devone McLeod ’13

As a Certified Financial Planner, Devone McLeod ’13 invests insight and expertise in helping others reach their goals. He demonstrates that same level of outstanding commitment in supporting his alma mater, serving as an unwavering advocate and resource for students as they follow in his footsteps at Allegheny College and aspire to fulfilling careers.

Since 2018, Devone has made remarkable contributions to the Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business & Economics as a member of the Board of Visitors, an advisory body of accomplished business leaders. He not only has perfect attendance at meetings but also has volunteered for the role of vice chair.

“As an alumnus, Devone continually gives back to students as a speaker, recruiter for the basketball team, mentor to students, member of the Bruce R. Thompson Center for Business & Economics (CBE) Board of Visitors, and judge for the CBE Financial Literacy Challenge,” says CBE Co-director Chris Allison ’83.

Devone’s zeal is apparent as he provides insight and advice to current students through a variety of initiatives. As a career coach for the Career Collaborative Project hosted by the Office of Career Education, he eagerly supports students of color in preparation for post-college life.

“Devone attended and presented at each of the five planned sessions, engaging with students, offering guidance and suggestions, and responding to their questions with down-to-earth advice about navigating life at Allegheny College and preparing for life beyond graduation,” says Director of Career Education Jim Fitch.

Devone has also regularly informed Career Education about internship and job opportunities for current students with his employers. He even devotes time in his busy schedule to meet with Allegheny student interns working in New York City during the summer to assist them as they explore career options. In addition, Devone has served as a panelist for the incoming student orientation program Allegheny Bound and the past two Diversity and Inclusion Professional Development Days.

“He is a wonderful mentor, providing career guidance and life lessons to students,” says Tom Nonnenmacher ’90, the Patricia B. Tippie Endowed Professor in Economics. “His connection with students is easily measured by the long lines waiting to talk with him and the happy faces of those who have done so.”

Allegheny proudly recognizes Devone McLeod with the Blue Citation for his dedication to serving his alma mater and providing wonderful experiences and advice to students.

Barbara Marvin Mize ’71 and Michael A. Mize ’71

As Barbara Marvin Mize ’71 and Michael Mize ’71 built accomplished careers and lives, they have time and again given back to Allegheny College. In doing so, they have honored the foundational role their alma mater has played in their success while opening doors of opportunity to future generations.

“Barb and Mike Mize have a long history of steadfast support of the College and volunteer service to Allegheny,” notes a nomination from the Class of 1971’s 50th Reunion Committee. “They have supported alumni relations, fundraising, student recruitment, and career development efforts of the College.”

To help connect prospective students with the College, the Mizes have served as college fair representatives, Gator Greetings writers, and volunteers for other admissions initiatives. Along with assisting current students as career mentors, the couple have also energized alumni by serving on landmark reunion committees, hosting alumni receptions in their home, and volunteering as class agents to encourage others to give.

“Mike and Barb have accepted almost every volunteer opportunity Allegheny has offered, and we are so grateful for their neverending enthusiasm and dedication,” says Director of Alumni Relations Sally Barrett ’92. “They exemplify what it means to be loyal, involved alumni, and, through their example, they have inspired other Alleghenians to give back to the College.”

The Mizes are also longtime and generous financial supporters of their alma mater. In honor of their 40th Reunion in 2011, they established a charitable gift annuity, joining the William Bentley Legacy Society. In reflecting on why they made the gift, the Mizes noted that their experiences at the College were invaluable and enriched their lives professionally and personally.

Allegheny in turn has been immeasurably enriched by the Mizes’ commitment and involvement as alumni. “One of the great joys of my work at Allegheny is knowing Barb and Mike,” says Director of Gift Planning Melissa Mencotti. “I so admire them, as they’re people who truly live their values: focusing on family, friends, their faith circle, community, and importantly for us, the College. They are warm and gracious alumni who served in leadership roles as students and whose support of the College, in terms of treasure and time, remains undiminished after 50 years. This award is most deserving.”

With gratitude for their decades of distinguished service to the College, Allegheny proudly recognizes Barbara Marvin Mize and Michael Mize with the Blue Citation.

Gold Citation

The Gold Citation is awarded to an Allegheny graduate in recognition and appreciation of honor reflected upon the College by virtue of professional or volunteer activities.

Dr. Ernest E. Moore, Jr. ’68

Since graduating from Allegheny College, Dr. Ernest (Gene) Moore, Jr. ’68 has pursued a remarkable career as a surgeon, researcher, teacher, and leader in his medical specialty profession — trauma surgery. His dedication to patient care and relentless pursuit of excellence have tremendously improved the health and well-being of countless individuals.

Gene, the son of a devoted family practitioner, completed his medical school training at the University of Pittsburgh, where he participated in highly innovative research in the emerging specialty of liver transplantation. Thus began a career and lifetime commitment to research.

Gene became the first chief of trauma at the Denver General Hospital in 1976, where he was responsible for a National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded shock/trauma lab. Under Gene’s leadership, the Rocky Mountain Regional Trauma Center at Denver General became internationally recognized for innovative care of patients, and its trauma research laboratory has been funded by the NIH for 35 consecutive years.

Eventually, he became vice chairman for research and distinguished professor of surgery at the University of Colorado Denver.

“Dr. Moore has devoted his career to the development of surgical critical care and acute care surgery,” says Thomas Ingram ’70. “While at Denver General, Gene was recognized as the first Bruce Rockwell Distinguished Chair in Trauma Surgery and became editor of the Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery.”

Highly respected among his peers, Gene has been a member in 36 professional medical-related organizations, including the presidency of 10 national and international academic societies. He has received numerous recognitions, among them the American Heart Association Lifetime Achievement Award in Trauma Resuscitation, the Medallion for Scientific Achievement for the American Surgical Association, the Orazio Campione Prize from the World Society of Emergency Surgery, and the Robert Danis Prize from the Society of International Surgeons.

“Appropriately, the trauma center at Denver General bears his name,” says Gregory Bentz ’67. “He is an accomplished physician and surgeon, and it all began at Allegheny.”

Allegheny College is proud to recognize Gene Moore’s exemplary career and his inspiring service to humanity with the Gold Citation.

Jonathan R. Spencer ’79

Not only is Jonathan Spencer ’79 the founder of Cascade Environmental, a successful Colorado-based environmental engineering firm, but he is also a devoted humanitarian working to help provide healing and restoration to survivors of sex trafficking.

Jon first became aware of the magnitude of the problem while he was serving as chief operating officer for Healing Waters International in 2012. He was surprised to learn that, according to the United Nations, India was the most dangerous place in the world to be a girl, with an estimated 200,000 victims trafficked annually. The vast majority of these are girls who come from illiterate, lower caste families. Without an education or vocational skills, experience has shown that, even after rescue, these girls will often return to the sex trade simply to survive.

He made an initial trip to India to learn more and to participate in a sting operation which succeeded in rescuing a 12-year-old girl who was being sold by her family. Jon was so moved that he made multiple visits back to India where he cultivated a wide network of partnerships with other individuals and organizations. In 2013, he founded New Horizons House (NHH) with the mission of raising awareness and providing comprehensive rehabilitative services for girls rescued from human trafficking and sexual abuse.

“Jon is truly changing lives and giving hope to those that were hopeless,” says co-nominator Michael Graves. “Allegheny can be so proud of him and his service to mankind.”

NHH initially purchased 2.3 acres of land in southeastern India and subsequently raised the necessary funds to construct a state-of-the-art dormitory, dining hall, administration building, and classrooms. In 2018, NHH opened its residential facility which is currently providing holistic restoration to more than 50 girls, ages 12-21, through a program that includes medical care, trauma counseling, educational opportunities and vocational training. A number of girls are now attending junior college and several recent graduates have started their own small businesses and are not only supporting themselves but their families as well. NHH (www.newhorizonshouse.org) was recently recognized by the Child Welfare Committee of India as one of the top two childcare facilities in the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Jon takes no salary for his work with NHH. “He travels to India at his own expense, and his organization is transforming the lives of young women in India who once saw themselves as outcasts with little hope of renewal or redemption,” writes co-nominator Tim Hillmer. “New Horizons is allowing these girls to acquire the confidence and skills they need to be able to make alternate choices for themselves and their futures.”

Allegheny is proud to present the Gold Citation to Jonathan Spencer. His insightful vision, inspiring leadership, and ardent volunteerism are transforming the lives of scores of young women.

Alumni Medal

The Alumni Medal is the College’s oldest and most prestigious recognition and is awarded for steadfast loyalty and many years of distinguished service to Allegheny.

Gary Elliott ’72

When Allegheny College embarked on a rebranding initiative, Gary Elliott ’72 served as a guiding force. From the outset, he delivered a clear and powerful message to the College community: a brand is much more than simply a zippy tagline. Rather, it conveys the essence and substance that differentiate Allegheny from other schools.

Without question, Gary himself personifies all that makes Allegheny such a special place — as a distinguished professional and an unflagging advocate for his alma mater.

“I had the privilege of seeing Gary’s extraordinary marketing expertise in action as he helped lead the College’s rebranding efforts,” says Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement Phil Foxman ’90. “In addition to having the opportunity to witness his talent and skill and the inclusive manner with which he leads, I was awestruck by his selfless volunteer work for the College, the hundreds of hours he dedicated to this service, and the devotion with which he approached every meeting which, it’s worth noting, usually took place before the sun was up at his home in California!”

Those contributions to the Learn Outside the Lines branding project built on Gary’s impressive, longstanding involvement with Allegheny. He joined the College’s Board of Trustees in 2011, providing insights and action on a wide range of committees and other important board initiatives.

“Gary has consistently exemplified what it means to lead with a generous heart,” says Senior Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement Sara Pineo. “He has provided leadership through his generous financial support, as a member of the President’s Society with a giving history spanning more than four decades, as well as through his volunteerism, giving of his time and talents over the years in a number of ways.”

For example, Gary has made phone calls to donors to express his, and the College’s, gratitude for their support. He has also sponsored several gatherings for Allegheny alumni and friends and helped to guide the development of the case statement for the Our Allegheny: Our Third Century Quest comprehensive fundraising campaign.

Notably, Gary has prioritized returning to the Allegheny campus to share his expertise with current students. They have learned from his tremendous example and benefited from his decades of experience in marketing, branding, and international business. Gary retired as vice president for global brand and marketing communications at Hewlett Packard in 2011, having previously served in marketing leadership roles with Compaq and Ogilvy Mather.

“Having a curious mind is a requisite for anyone in business today,” Gary said in an Allegheny magazine profile. “I think when you have exposure to the kinds of programs that Allegheny offers, it opens up your mind and inspires you to think of different solutions. That curiosity has never left me.”

At Allegheny, Gary has connected with students through the Business & Economics Department as an executive-in-residence, an Executive Roundtable panelist, and a member of the Board of Visitors. Throughout these and other opportunities to mentor students, he has emphasized the importance of corporate social responsibility and expressing one’s personal values through business as a citizen of the world. After Gary spoke to one of her classes, Professor of Media and Cultural Studies Ishita Sinha Roy noted that he demonstrated to students that “working for a corporation goes beyond marketing and making a buck; it is about thinking of being a good citizen.”

Gary Elliott’s drive to solve problems, collaborate, and give back has strengthened Allegheny today and helped to position the College for an even brighter future. In both word and deed, Gary has proven to be a most loyal and devoted Alleghenian. It is with deep gratitude that we award him the Alumni Medal, the College’s oldest and most prestigious award.

Peggy Toman Siegle ’70

Peggy Toman Siegle’s love for her alma mater has burned brightly for more than half a century. Through both insightful words and selfless deeds, her example has stoked a passion for Allegheny College in countless others.

Peggy’s unstinting devotion to Allegheny has resulted in remarkable action. “It’s hard to imagine a more dedicated Gator who has served more broadly or enthusiastically on behalf of the College,” said Greg Ward ’94 and Kurt Foriska ’01. They, like Peggy, have served as president of Allegheny’s Alumni Council.

During her seven-year tenure on the council, Peggy also held the posts of secretary, vice president, and past president. Her legacy is one of meaningful progress and enduring impact. Peggy contributed significantly to — and spurred efforts to engage fellow alumni in — initiatives affecting nearly every aspect of the College. From enrollment to diversity to athletics to strategic planning, to name just a few areas, Peggy has made a mark and advanced Allegheny’s mission.

In addition, through Peggy’s leadership, Alumni Council further strengthened its relationship with the Board of Trustees, where council members now serve on several board task forces. She also has worked to involve past members of the council, parents, and a wide range of other individuals in the life of the College.

Peggy has gained admiration not only for the significance of what she has accomplished but the considerate way in which she has accomplished it. “The beauty of her approach is her diplomacy, respectfulness, and inclusion of ideas from both sides of an argument. It is an art lost on most in today’s world,” Ward and Foriska said.

Indeed, Peggy’s engaging and charismatic personality has become a driving force in inspiring Alleghenians to build and sustain connections with each other and the College. Her contagious enthusiasm and unique ability to motivate have benefited her graduating class, for which she has chaired every major reunion. “Her joy and thoughtfulness are overwhelming,” classmate Fred Isaac said. “She is, in short, the community leader for the Class of 1970.”

As co-chair of her 50th Reunion celebration, Peggy and Fred established an endowed scholarship for first-generation college students and encouraged the Class of 1970 to support those students. Peggy, also a first-generation college student, who worked 40-hour weeks at three part-time jobs while pursuing her Allegheny degree, credits Allegheny with setting her on a course to pursue a graduate degree in communication disorders at the University of Vermont. This led to her first career in special education leadership. Following that career, she spent several decades as a development and communications officer for Maine not-for-profit organizations, and also founded the first indoor sports training facility in Maine, Four Seasons Baseball and Softball. Over 20 years ago, as part of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Maine, she established the Academic Achievement Award, now available to be awarded to a high school junior in every high school in Maine to encourage the study of the liberal arts.

In her home state of Maine and everywhere she travels, Peggy persuasively shares the value of the Allegheny experience with prospective students and families. She even recruited former Alumni Council members to travel to campus to attend admissions weekends as a way to demonstrate the lifelong engagement, care, and commitment of alumni. Beyond her impressive volunteer service, Peggy has shown her belief in the College as a consistent, generous financial supporter, a class agent, and a member of the William Bentley Legacy Society.

When recounting her Allegheny story, Peggy often tells others how much the College has changed her life. In turn, we embrace this opportunity to recognize how much Peggy has changed the College for the good. Very few alumni have flamed a torch for Allegheny with the zeal, resolve, and longevity that Peggy has. It is with deep gratitude that we award her the Alumni Medal, the College’s oldest and most prestigious award.

Jim Wible ’71 and Norma Klaus Wible ’73

For more than 50 years, Jim Wible ’71 and Norma Klaus Wible ’73 have devoted themselves to making a remarkable difference for Allegheny College in myriad ways — and they show no signs of slowing down.

“These dedicated Alleghenians have served on their Reunion Committees, written notes to prospective students encouraging them to become Gators and to alumni thanking them for their support of the College, hired Alleghenians at American Colors, and, through their membership on the Board of Trustees and Alumni Council, continue to provide critical leadership, guidance, and investment as we tackle challenges and continue to improve how we serve students and alumni,” says Associate Vice President of Institutional Advancement Phil Foxman ’90. “Their deep care for people, extraordinary commitment to service, and love for Allegheny are at the heart of their inspiring lifetime of engagement.”

The Wibles continually seek innovative ways to support their alma mater. For example, Jim launched a revolutionary program to hire Allegheny graduates at American Colors Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality liquid pigment systems and intermediates. Jim co-founded the business, served as its president for 43 years, and now is its chairman of the board.

“Jim Wible knew that he had a valuable opportunity to offer Allegheny College students to contribute their budding skills and abilities at American Colors; the challenge was how to draw talent to Sandusky, Ohio,” says Director of Career Education Jim Fitch. “Taking a creative approach, he landed on the idea of recruiting groups of friends who were in their senior year to fill multiple positions at the company. Using this approach, he hired 14 graduating seniors over the course of four years and several more before he recruited teams, many of whom are still with the company. I’m grateful for the demonstrated commitment Jim has to the College and to our students.”

Jim brought his business acumen and leadership experience to the Allegheny Board of Trustees in 2013. His committee service has spanned areas influencing nearly every aspect of the College, from the student experience to finances to infrastructure and more. Norma has served on the College’s Alumni Council since 2019 and is a member of its Donor Appreciation Committee, which reaches out to Allegheny supporters to thank them for their generosity.

“Jim and Norma have been philanthropic champions for Allegheny, among our most generous as members of the President’s Society, and among our most loyal with an amazing 40 consecutive years of giving to the College,” says Senior Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement Sara Pineo. “It is humbling and inspiring to think about the decades of Allegheny graduates whose lives were touched by the Wibles’ generosity.”

The Wibles have provided financial support for many initiatives at the College, including scholarships. They have faithfully contributed to the Lewis Wible ’42 Scholarship, which is named for Jim’s father, who served on the College’s Board of Trustees from 1961 to 1979. The first person in her family to attend college, Norma also independently established a scholarship fund in honor of her parents, Joseph and Fran Klaus, to benefit women who are following in her footsteps as first-generation students at Allegheny. In doing so, she hopes to allay their concerns about paying for higher education.

“Sometimes that bottom line makes the decision for the student,” Norma said in a 2019 Ella Nash Society Newsletter article. “If I can offer just one person a bit to offset that financial concern, then I’d like to do that in honor of my parents’ generosity.”

Through their involvement and munificence, the Wibles have made a powerful statement to their fellow alumni and to current students about the importance of giving back to move the College forward. They have set a shining example, forging a legacy that will surely endure for generations. It is with deep gratitude that we award them the Alumni Medal, the College’s oldest and most prestigious award.

Teaching Awards

The Julian Ross Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Julian Ross Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented to a faculty member who has been at Allegheny College for more than 10 years.

Soledad Caballero, Professor of English

The Thoburn Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Thoburn Award for Excellence in Teaching is presented to a faculty member who has been at Allegheny College for 10 years or less.

Beth Choate, Professor of Environmental Science & Sustainability

The Robert T. Sherman Distinguished Service Award

The Robert T. Sherman Distinguished Service Award is given to an Allegheny staff member who has provided exceptional long-term support to College programs or activities and/or contributed to the College in areas not required by their job description. The recipient’s performance should exceed expectation, and they should embody excellence, service and dedication to Allegheny. The recipient must be a current or retired non-teaching employee.

Liz Caskey, Biology Lab Technician