Gaby DeLeon ’20

It is an honor and blessing to receive scholarship aid; it will put me one step closer to reaching my dreams and highest potential, and I want to truly thank you for all your help. I am extremely thankful for people with such a giving heart like yours.

I’m a true southern gal right from the cutting horse capital of the world, also known as Weatherford, Texas. Nature and animals have always been ahuge part of my life, so it’s not a big surprise that I find myself today as a biology major at Allegheny College. Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian. Animals and medicine are my passions, so pairing these two together always puts the biggest smile on my face, I enjoy every aspect that the job entails.

In the next few years I hope to study abroad in a place where I can get the most animal experience. Australia has always been a fantasy of mine, so that is where I hope to study if I choose to go abroad. Home of the Crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, the Australia Zoo would be an absolutely amazing place to intern.

Once again, thank you so much. I cannot wait to see what the next four years beholds.

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