Karissa Coffield ‘20

“I am writing to thank you for contributing to my success and career here at Allegheny College. I am majoring in both biology and environmental science with the goal of working with animals. My academic interests include terrestrial and aquatic ecology. I am especially interested in herpetology, and I am currently writing my comprehensive senior project on the terrestrial distribution of spotted salamanders. I am also the captain of the women’s cross country team this year. Running has always been important to me, but I have made a true connection to the sport and the team this year and feel blessed to be part of such an incredible program.

“In my remaining time at Allegheny, I hope to learn about stream communities (stream ecology) and hopefully help with spotted salamander migration again this spring. After graduation, I am looking to either apply for graduate school and study either mammalogy or herpetology or work in a zoological facility or research position for a year and then pursue my masters. Thanks to your support, I am able to pursue my dream of helping in the conservation of species and ecosystems at an institution that allows me to constantly expand my knowledge and know my professors on a personal level.

“I thank you again.”

Karissa Coffield ’20