About Our Sponsor

Phil St. Moritz ’61

From both a professional and philanthropic perspective, the resume of Philip St. Moritz is impressive.

 Phil enjoys great success as a businessman, but his real joy comes from helping others, especially Allegheny College students, faculty and staff, a group of people for whom he cares deeply. Phil “reconnected” with the College 12 years ago when he served as co-chair of his 40th Reunion Committee. Under Phil’s leadership, the class broke a fund-raising record, presenting the College with a class gift of more than $4 million. More recently, Phil again agreed to take an active role in his 50th Reunion Committee. Not surprisingly, another fund-raising record was established.

Phil continues to serve Allegheny in every role he is asked to fill. Wh
en the College needed someone to help sponsor its annual Pittsburgh Holiday Event, Phil agreed to do it. When asked about his willingness to continue his sponsorship in future years, his response was: “You’ve got a sponsor for life.” Phil also supports the annual on-campus holiday luncheon for faculty and staff, an event he has hosted for five years.

“Phil wants to help any way he can, and almost every time we talk, he asks how he can assist and what more he can do,” says Sally Barrett Hanley ’92, the College’s director of reunion giving.

On a professional level, Phil is the quintessential “self-made man.” After graduating from Allegheny, he served in the U.S. Air Force and was commissioned as a second lieutenant. After his service, he returned to Pittsburgh and began pursuing his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

It is safe to say Phil has realized that goal.

In the past 40 years, he has founded seven corporations that employ more than 3,000 people in 34 offices nationwide. He is the sole owner and chief executive officer of the St. Moritz Group, which includes St. Moritz Security Services Inc., St. Moritz Building Services Inc., St. Moritz Labor Services Inc., St. Moritz Marine Services Inc., St. Moritz Services Inc., St. Moritz Properties LLC, and St. Moritz Boardwalk. The annual sales for these companies exceed $100 million. As a dedicated alumnus, he has hired several Allegheny alumni and says he will continue to do so because of the skills, work ethic and excellence demonstrated by Allegheny graduates.

“To say that Phil is passionate about his businesses is an understatement,” says John Brady ’05, whom Phil hired two months after his graduation. “The same can be said for his passion for Allegheny and his desire to inspire graduates to get involved with their alma mater.”

Phil received the Blue Citation in 2012 in recognition and appreciation of his outstanding service to the College. Allegheny is proud to have Phil as an alumnus and ambassador and we are grateful for his sponsorship of the Bridge the Gap Challenge for graduates of the 1990s.