Class Agents

Class Agents are alumni volunteers who cultivate relationships with classmates and encourage them to reconnect with the College through meaningful forms of engagement.

What is the role of a Class Agent?


Class Agents partner with the College in class fundraising efforts. To make these efforts successful, Class Agents should believe in philanthropy and have a positive track record of giving to the College, or have a desire to begin giving to the College.


On Gator Give Day last year, Class Agents were able to bring in twice as many donors with no giving history in comparison to those that simply received general solicitations from the College.


Class Agents inform classmates about current issues at the College and provide feedback to the College on classmates’ interests, concerns, and news. Agents can help Allegheny to craft its messages in ways that are meaningful to them and their peers.


To see who currently volunteers for the College as a Class Agent, click here.


Class Agents would participate in outreach efforts to classmates to help them reconnect to the College and invest their time, talent, and financial resources in Allegheny. Agents can choose how they will connect with classmates. It could be selecting a few friends to email, text or call or maybe even writing a letter to send to their entire class. The hope is that each Class Agent is able to encourage their classmates to give back to Allegheny in ways that are convenient yet meaningful to them.


Letters sent from the College written by a Class Agent had double the response rate compared to a more generic, less class-specific letter.


Class Agents work with fellow classmates to identify ways for alumni to help support the College through volunteer initiatives in student recruitment, career mentoring, academic advisory boards, and more. They can help identify ways for classmates to connect to the college to give their time and talent to help impact the experience of current and future Gators.


Graduates of the last decade are almost twice as likely to make a gift when solicited by a classmate.


Class Agents would make an annual gift to the College and show their Allegheny pride with classmates and others! Class Agents can share social media posts or encourage students to consider Allegheny as a college option.


More than 90% of Class Agents make an annual gift to the College each year.

Interested in Learning More?

To review some of the responsibilities of Class Agents and get more information about the program, please review the Class Agent Manual. If you are interested in becoming a Class Agent, please contact a member of our staff at