Allegheny College Phonathon

Annual Fund Phonathon

The semi-annual phonathon is an opportunity for Allegheny alumni, parents and friends to talk with Allegheny representatives. We hope you will take this opportunity to inform the College of any change of address, job or family information. In addition, we encourage everyone to pass along prospective student referrals and provide information about potential internships or job placement of Allegheny students.

The phonathon helps to keep the door open to reach out to everyone connected to the College. The communication provides potential donors an opportunity to ask questions regarding gift giving and how their support can most impact the College. The phonathon is a means for the College to fundraise while still utilizing the College’s resources in the most efficient way possible.

The Allegheny College phonathon runs from September to early December, and again from early February to late April. We can’t wait to talk with you!