Senior Class Gift – Class of 2018

We’re the Present. Let’s Gift the Future!

Senior Class Gift is a tradition that has been around for more than 100 years. Seniors who came before you pooled their contributions together and made an Annual Fund gift as a way of expressing appreciation for their years at Allegheny.

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Goal: 385

Gifts: 88

Updated: 2/5/2018

Allegheny is built on alumni support.

In fact, it’s difficult to find an area of campus that alumni support hasn’t touched. And as a soon-to-be graduate, you will have the opportunity to make the same impact on future students and begin your Allegheny legacy!

During your time at Allegheny have you…

  • Received scholarships or funding?
  • Participated in athletics?
  • Done summer research?
  • Visited Career Education?
  • Been part of a student organization?

These are just a few ways that the Annual Fund could have enhanced your time at Allegheny and shows how fellow Gators will benefit from your gift.

mullen-600x600But wait! There’s more!

When you give to the 2018 Senior Class Gift, President Mullen will donate $20.18 in your honor and invite you to a reception at his home on May 2! Imagine what you and your classmates could accomplish by taking advantage of President Mullen’s special offer!

Donor Roll

The following Gators have answered the call and generously contributed to the 2018 Senior Class Gift.

  • Garret Scronce
  • Timothy Kutz
  • Shelby Piper
  • Sam Adams
  • Samantha Brooks
  • Briana Freeman
  • Gavrielle Winer
  • Paige Galloway
  • Samantha Bretz
  • Tyler Allen
  • Elia Sherman
  • Alexandra Sheppeck
  • Carissa Lange
  • Alex Doran
  • Hannah Fischer
  • Leah Kelly
  • Margo Birol
  • Madalyn Clark
  • Onalee Sortino
  • Danielle Higbee
  • Courteney Bender
  • Jessica Stookey
  • Rachel Ramsey
  • Victoria Haley
  • Cassandra Colón
  • Selena Clark
  • David Stekla
  • Mark Abrams
  • Gray Pipitone
  • Brian Rogers
  • Samuel Thomas
  • Alfonso Garcia
  • Trevor Gant
  • Lucie Shiffman
  • Laney Brown
  • Paul Chung
  • Emily Kovalesky
  • Nicole Hawk
  • Zachary Iezzi
  • Mollie McDermott
  • Hayley Hollinshead
  • Ryan Tipker
  • Cali Banks
  • Zoe Husnick
  • Matthew Wild
  • Itzel Ayala
  • Allison Cosgrove
  • Amanda Carroll
  • Lucy Nass
  • Maggie Donaldson
  • Devin Beacom
  • Hunter Hoesch
  • Megan Kelly
  • Kathryn Wehrer
  • Royse Bachtel
  • Molly O’Donnell
  • Emily Watto
  • Abbie Maynard
  • Madison Caufield
  • Melissa McCann
  • Caitlin Deubell
  • Lara Munoz
  • Harper Zimmer
  • Joshua Cohen
  • Callie Garlick
  • Billy Henshaw
  • Jeremy Pallant
  • Rachel Green
  • Leah Franzluebbers
  • Danielle Zehnder
  • Bailey Landis
  • Sarah Cole
  • Justin McClain
  • Amanda Fallon
  • Aleaa Reyes
  • Antoinette Donofrio
  • Emma Kowalski
  • Taylor Davis
  • Amanda Wildt
  • Ken Kutzer
  • Nicholas Pierri
  • Kevin McDowell
  • Tyrel White


Your Senior Class Gift Committee:

  • Tyler Allen
  • Amanda Beebe
  • Sam Brooks
  • Kimberly Chavez
  • Brie Freeman
  • Tim Kutz
  • Carissa Lange
  • Shelby Piper
  • Celena Turiano
  • Matthew Wild
  • Jess Yohe

Greek Life Challenge

Because Allegheny College Fraternity and Sorority Life upholds a commitment to leadership, Greek alumni are issuing a challenge to their undergraduate brothers and sisters from the Class of 2018: that each chapter reach 100 percent participation in their senior class gift. Go Gators!

Alpha Chi Omega: 82%
Alpha Delta Pi: 13%
Delta Delta Delta: 58%
Kappa Alpha Theta: 79%
Kappa Kappa Gamma: 33%
Delta Tau Delta: 100%
Phi Beta Sigma: 33%
Phi Delta Theta: 18%
Phi Gamma Delta: 44%
Phi Kappa Psi: 0%
Theta Chi: 100%

Congratulations to the brothers of Delta Tau Delta and Theta Chi for being the first chapters to reach 100% participation!