Senior Class Gift Class of 2021

We’re the Present. Let’s Gift the Future!

Senior Class Gift is a tradition that has been around for more than 100 years. Seniors who came before you pooled their contributions together and made an Annual Fund gift as a way of expressing appreciation for their years at Allegheny.

Current Goal

Goal: 140

Gifts: 86

Final Goal: 349

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Gifts made via PayPal will be designated to support Allegheny’s greatest needs. Please be sure to share your mailing address with Allegheny College so we are able to acknowledge your gift. To designate a specific area of support or participate in the Athletics or Fraternity/Sorority Life Challenge, please use the credit card link.

Gift Totals Updated: 3/2/2020

Allegheny is built on alumni support.

In fact, it’s difficult to find an area of campus that alumni support hasn’t touched. And as a soon-to-be graduate, you will have the opportunity to make the same impact on future students and begin your Allegheny legacy!

These are just a few ways that the Annual Fund could have enhanced your time at Allegheny and shows how fellow Gators will benefit from your gift.

During your time at Allegheny have you…

  • Received scholarships or funding?
  • Participated in athletics?
  • Done summer research?
  • Visited Career Education?
  • Been part of a student organization?

Donor Roll

The following Gators have answered the call and generously contributed to the 2021 Senior Class Gift.

  • Your name here!
  • Isabella Petitta
  • Alexandra Downer
  • David Roach
  • Samantha Gallagher
  • Jakob Drozd
  • Emily Brady
  • Jessica Myschisin
  • Kevin Burkhart
  • Casey McIntosh
  • Nicholas Viall
  • Julie Cepec
  • Sarah Teel
  • Connor Smith
  • George Ackerman
  • Will Harrod
  • Emily Kauchak
  • Rebecca MacQuarrie
  • Markeyda Jones
  • Tamara Babic
  • Emily Rathbun
  • Michelle Raymond
  • Samantha Thai
  • Andrea Jonsson
  • Caitlyn Davis
  • Emily Rice
  • Ray Marszalek
  • Audrey Hall
  • Benjamin Blackburn
  • Steve Spotts
  • Jake Boynton
  • Isabelle Rossetti
  • Megan Corletti
  • Robert Seifert
  • DJ Merchbaker
  • Rachel Tobler
  • Megan Powell
  • Kristian Snyder
  • Ian Lowery
  • Hunter Pietrzycki
  • Delaney Harrison-Peters
  • Chelsea Pietrzycki
  • Francesca Balest
  • Kierstin Faw
  • Victoria Bajek
  • Willa Jones Irwin
  • Elizabeth Debich
  • Pearl Cooper
  • Kara Travers
  • Sarah Lucas
  • Kelly Lafferty
  • Ashlie Gariepy
  • Maggie Malley
  • Jessica Margraf
  • Nate Beard
  • Cory Wiard
  • Allison Johnson
  • Kayleigh Young
  • Rachel Leech
  • Flannery Pillion-Gardner
  • Daniel Trombola
  • Molly Nelson
  • Shannon Relihan
  • Osbaldo Meza
  • Samantha Hall
  • Noah Goodwin-Bain
  • Katherine Wise
  • Ethan Kennelly
  • Shane Stadtfeld
  • Kyleigh Cason
  • Hayley Behr
  • Cameron Somma
  • Haeley Griffin
  • Benedicte Chubaka
  • Jeremiah Sullivan
  • Daline Saintelus
  • Sophia Thompson
  • Maddie Betts
  • Erin Hartwiger
  • Ally Martin
  • Trishann Rice
  • Tanner Kolb


Your Senior Class Gift Committee:

  • Rebecca MacQuarrie
  • Benjamin Blackburn
  • Elizabeth Forrey
  • David Roach
  • Kevin Burkhart
  • Cayley Shirley
  • Nicholas Viall
  • Emily Brady