Timothy Alden Council

“From the patronage we hope to receive, and from a reliance on the smiles of heaven, we indulge the expectation that our endeavors for the literary and scientific, moral and religious benefit of the rising and future generations, will not be in vain…”

— Timothy Alden, 1815

Philanthropy has been at the heart of Allegheny since the Rev. Timothy Alden founded the College in 1815. To celebrate Allegheny’s founding year, Timothy Alden Council (TAC) members contribute $1,815 or more to the College during the fiscal year and play a critical role in the life of the College.

The impact of TAC members is so significant that Allegheny’s endowment would need to grow by an additional $45 million in order to provide the same level of annual support for current students. TAC donors are recognized for their leadership-level support in the annual Report of Gifts and are celebrated during Reunion Weekend at the Donor Recognition Reception.

Why join the Timothy Alden Council?

Most people join because they feel a deep satisfaction in doing something selfless, something meaningful, and being a part of something greater than oneself. A gift to Allegheny College makes you a part of a cause that has prospered for more than 200 years.

Alumni and friends join Timothy Alden Council because they recognize that Allegheny changes student’s lives. During their time at Allegheny, our alumni grew intellectually, forged bonds with professors, and established lifelong friendships. Others have watched their children, grandchildren, or other loved ones grow and prosper at Allegheny. These people become Timothy Alden Council members because of their deep respect and appreciation for the College.

“Allegheny is an institution that really contributes to the fabric of the country and the world. I feel an obligation to help ensure that this 200-year legacy continues. I view my giving as an investment in future leaders.”

— Dan Van Aken ’95
Timothy Alden Council member