Lawrence Schlosser ’06

Class of 2006 Art & Technology major Lawrence Schlosser works in Los Angeles with the Jim Henson Company.

He writes, “I have been working on a forty-episode kid’s show called Sid the Science Kid due to air on PBS September 1st, 2008. The show is all computer generated. The characters are puppeteered through a motion capture system, which means there is a ton of animation data that must be corrected and “helped” along. I started as an intern towards the beginning of the project. I created CG models for the characters and their environments. As the modeling stage wound down and the motion capture production ramped up, I jumped over to the animation department and have been doing animation correction or “cleanup”. This entails correcting things such as character eye-line, jitter, self-collisions, and interaction with props and environments. As well, I have been programming animation tools to help with the cleanup process using Python and MEL programming languages”.