Raelynn Miles ’05

Raelynn Miles, Art & Technology Major, Class of 2005, received her M.F.A. in Communication Planning and Information Design from Carnegie Mellon University, one of the highest-ranking design schools in the U.S., in 2007.

She works for Addison in New York City as an Information Designer. She writes, “I became interested in Information Design and Information Visualization – taking complex information and presenting it to someone in a way that makes sense! It was exciting to find a field that seemed to be the perfect blend of creativity and objectivity….and I thought, “This is great. I can make people’s lives easier through design!” She found that her Allegheny education left her “more than qualified and prepared” for graduate school.

“I’ve learned over the last year that I really love working in digital media…. particularly developing Web page architectures and figuring out how to structure navigation and layout in a way that works.”